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“'That's a school?' Sophie asked, trying to make sense of the bizarre structure spread before them.”

Sophie and narration, in Keeper of the Lost Cities, page(s) 160, Google Books

Foxfire is the most prestigious academy for young elves in the Lost Cities. It is named after a type of glowing fungus, representing light in a dark world. As stated by Bronte, Foxfire has been there a long time before the human "middle ages".

The teachers in Foxfire are called mentors and wear orange capes. The students are called prodigies and wear colours corresponding to their level. All classes are taught one-on-one so that lessons can be modified to fit each prodigy. Telepathy sessions between Fitz and Sophie with Tiergan as a mentor is an exception to this rule. This also excludes physical education and agriculture, which are done with all prodigies on certain days. Along with teaching, Mentors are also in charge of taking turns teaching detention. Mentors also have the ability to give prodigies detention. The Foxfire staff takes turns choosing flavours for the locker DNA strips, as mentioned in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities.

Every day starts with an orientation where the principal reads announcements while other mentors take attendance of all the students using their registry pendants. Magnate Leto, also known as Mr. Forkle, is the current Foxfire Principal.


The campus consists of a wide stone courtyard with a five-story glass pyramid. The main building wraps around the pyramid in a sharply angled U and is made entirely of stained glass. There are six towers--each a different colour--which separate the wings, and a seventh tower, a Leapmaster, stands in the centre. On the left, there is a domed amphitheatre and two smaller buildings. To the right, there is a gold tower and a silver tower, which are twisted around one another. There are many fields of purple grass.

Every Level's building has an atrium with lockers. The atrium has decorations based of your level. Some of the decorations are crystal trees and statues of your levels mascot. The lockers open by using a person's DNA. There is a strip to lick which tastes different every day; the flavours are chosen by the mentors. If the strip tastes unusually bad, then all students know that Elwin is the one to blame.

The Elite Levels are entered by licking a small DNA strip, however, if one such as Sophie Foster, is too short to reach, the Beacon can let them in. Only elves are allowed in the towers, to make sure every prodigy’s studies are not disturbed. When Sophie must part from her bodyguard, Sandor, he is irritated by having to leave his charge. It is noted that the Elite Levels towers are almost impossible to enter, as Blur, a Phaser has mentioned. A secret way to enter is by using the Lodestar map hidden in a mirror. This mirror leads to a small cramped room with one of the lodestar gadgets inside. The mirror was once smashed by Sandor and is unknown whether it was fixed or not.

School UniformEdit

Girls wear a pleated skirt with black leggings, shirt, vest, and waist-length half cape.

Boys wear a lace-up jerkin over a black long-sleeved shirt and blue slacks with pockets at the ankles, along with a waist-length half cape.

Students in the elite levels are required to wear special silver or gold capes to indicate they are entering the nobility.

The uniform colours depend on the level of the student.
Keeper book pic

Sophie and Dex in their Level Two Foxfire uniforms.

  • Level One: Black or Onyx
  • Level Two: Blue or Sapphire
  • Level Three: Brown or Amber
  • Level Four: Green or Emerald
  • Level Five: Red or Ruby
  • Level Six: White or Diamond
  • Level Seven (Elite Level): Gold
  • Level Eight (Elite Level): Silver


Foxfire's Levels are essentially like grades. There are eight levels altogether, but only the first six are available to all elves. The Elite Levels, levels Seven and Eight, only allow elves with abilities to study and learn there. Normally you have to have been in the Elite levels to join the nobility.

Every single level has a mascot and qualities to go with the level. It can be noted that each mascot is the color of the level's cape. Only certain ages can attend certain levels.
  • Level One: Ages 11-12, Mascot is an Onyx Gremlin, and qualities are being Curious and Capable.
  • Level Two: Ages 12-13, Mascot is a Sapphire Halcyon, and qualities are being Calm and Steadfast.
  • Level Three: Ages 13-14, Mascot is an Amber Mastodon, and qualities are being Clever and Cooperative.
  • Level Four: Ages 14-15, Mascot is an Emerald Dragon, and qualities are being Adaptable and Cunning.
  • Level Five: Ages 15-16, Mascot is a Ruby Saber-Toothed Tiger, and qualities are being Bold and Calculating.
  • Level Six: Ages 16-17, Mascot is a Diamond Yeti, and qualities are being Earnest and Fearless.
  • Elite: Level Seven: Ages 17-18, Mascot is a Golden Flareadon, and qualities are being Resolute and Enduring.
  • Elite: Level Eight: Ages 18-19, Mascot is a Silver Unicorn, and qualities are being Noble and Gentle.

Every level has corresponding lessons.



All students who haven't manifested their special ability take this course. It puts them through a series of tests aimed to trigger an ability. If they don't trigger an ability by level 5 they are considered Talentless. During Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities, Dex, Marella, and Jensi go through testing to see if they are Frosters. The test involved going in an oven and baking them for 2 hours.

Agriculture is for level three prodigies so they can learn how much work and effort the gnomes put into growing food.

In Alchemy, prodigies learn to change things into metal, as well as learning how to brew various things. It is the equivalent to human Chemistry classes except for none of the information we have is correct in the Elvin world.

In Elementalism, the prodigies learn to master the elements. This mostly involves catching them in bottles.

The history of the Lost Cities and the coming of Elvin culture is taught in the course. This course steadily gets more in-depth of history as you get older.

Linguistics is the study of languages including ogre and all human languages. This class is usually only available to the elite levels, however, Sophie Foster is allowed to attend this class because of her ability as a Polyglot.

This course is designed to unlock the full potential of the Elvin mind.

In Multispeciesial Studies, prodigies learn about different species.

In P.E., the prodigies learn to channel the strength of their minds to different parts of their bodies, allowing them to jump higher, run faster, and become stronger. The whole school participates in P.E. together every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Every elf has a personal changing area outside of the amphitheatre. They occasionally have splotching matches.

Any Foxfire prodigy who has manifested an ability is required to train in that ability every Tuesday and Thursday, one-on-one with a mentor. Possible sessions include Telepathy, Vanishing, Empathy, Flashing, Gusting, Phasing, Frosting, Technopathy, Conjuring, Beguiling, Inflicting, Descrying, Mesmerizing, and many more. At the beginning of each student's time learning about their ability and how to use it, the mentor who is teaching the sessions will give the student The Ethics Lecture. Training in Pyrokinesis is strictly forbidden.

In The Universe, the prodigies learn about every star, planet, and astronomical object.

Tests Edit

  • Foxfire Entrance Exam

In order to attend Foxfire, all elves must take an entrance exam. This is mentioned by Mr. Forkle in Book 4: Neverseen when he tells Tam that he scored "off the charts" on the test, but his sister scored even higher.

Midterms occur during the middle of the year (hence the name); all prodigies are required to score a seventy-five or higher in order to continue their Foxfire education. Thinking caps are issued to each prodigy to prevent cheating from occurring, but some powerful Telepaths can evade its restriction like Sophie Foster. Tutoring is offered to students who need help to score the required seventy-five preceding Midterms — they are typically followed by a six-week break.

Final exams take place at the end of the year (see parenthetical in the paragraph above); all prodigies are required to score an eighty-five or higher to continue their Foxfire education, notably higher than the requirements for Midterms. Their procedures are very similar.

In order to take the Elite Levels, all Level Six prodigies are required to take an exam at the end of the year to see if they qualify. This is first mentioned in Flashback by Magnate Leto when he tells Keefe that he needs to take his studies more seriously.

Known ProdigiesEdit

Current Prodigies Edit

Sophie Elizabeth Foster - Abilities: Polyglot, Inflictor, Teleporter, Telepath, Enhancer

Biana Vacker - Ability: Vanisher

Fitzroy Avery Vacker - Ability: Telepath

Keefe Sencen - Ability: Empath

Dex Dizznee - Ability: Technopath

Jensi Babblos - Ability: Unknown

Marella Redek - Ability: Pyrokinetic

Stina Heks - Ability: Empath

Maruca - Ability: Psionipath

Wylie Endal - Ability: Flasher

Tam Song - Ability: Shade

Linh Song - Ability: Hydrokinetic

Valin - Ability: Unknown

Lex Dizznee - Ability: Unknown

Bex Dizznee - Ability: Unknown

Rex Dizznee - Ability: Unknown

Trella - Ability: Unknown

Dempsey - Ability: Unknown

Shayda Adel - Ability: Unknown

Dedra - Ability: Unknown

Huxley - Ability: Unknown

Audric - Ability: Unknown

Previous Prodigies Edit

Alvar Soren Vacker - Ability: Vanisher

Jolie Lucine Ruewen - Ability: Conjurer (deceased)

Alden Vacker - Ability: Telepath

Grady Ruewen - Ability: Mesmer

Edaline Ruewen - Ability: Conjurer

Juline Dizznee- Ability: Froster

Della Vacker - Ability: Vanisher

Councillor Alina - Ability: Beguiler

Councillor Bronte - Ability: Inflictor

Vika Heks - Ability: Empath

Brant - Ability: Pyrokinetic

Timkin Heks (Formerly) - Ability: Talentless

All members of the Nobility have finished their Foxfire education except for Team Valiant, consisting of Sophie Foster, Dex Dizznee, Wylie Endal, Biana Vacker, and Stina Heks.

Known MentorsEdit

Councillor Alina was formerly the principal of Foxfire, who read announcements during orientation. She has porcelain skin, fragile features, and caramel-coloured hair. She is a Beguiler and is now a Councillor.

Magnate Leto is the new principal of Foxfire after being promoted from his original position of Beacon of the Silver Tower. He is tall and keeps his black hair extremely gelled. He is a Telepath and turns out to be another of Mr. Forkle's identities.

Lady Alexine is the Physical Education teacher for the Level Two girls. She is slender, with long raven-coloured hair and almond-shaped eyes. She is a Phaser.

Lady Anwen teaches Multispeciesial Studies.

Sir Astin teaches The Universe. He has pale blonde hair and a soft, whispery voice. Sir Astin turns out to be one of Mr. Forkle's identities.

Barth the Reaper is a gnome that teaches the Level Three prodigies Agriculture.

Sir Beckett teaches Elvin History to Level Three students.

Lady Belva teaches The Universe and is rumoured to have a crush on Keefe. Her idea of punishment is ballroom dancing.

Councillor Bronte was brought in to teach Sophie in Inflicting.

Lady Cadence is Sophie Elizabeth Foster's Linguistics teacher, she was forced back to Foxfire to teach Sophie and has no other students. During Book 3: Everblaze, she was promoted to the title Master Cadence and is the Beacon of the Silver Tower. However, she is still called Lady Cadence. She is a Polyglot and a Conjurer. Lady Cadence also supports the ogres. Her punishments for detention are peeling curdleroots or placing effluxers around Foxfire.

Sir Caton is the Physical Education teacher for the Level Two boys. He has muscles like a Titan god.

Sir Conley teaches Elementalism.

Lady Dara teaches Elvin History for Level Two prodigies.

It is unknown what Sir Donwell teaches, though Keefe says that he led Detention.

Elwin works in The Healing Center at Foxfire as a physician, along with Bullhorn the Banshee.

Lady Evera teaches Multispeciesial Studies

Sir Faxon teaches Metaphysics.

Lady Galvin teaches Alchemy. She is slender with red-brown hair and she cares greatly for her capes. She wants to teach professional alchemists but is forced by Councillor Alina to teach the beginners.

Sir Harding is the physical education Mentor for Level Threes. He has broad shoulders, warm brown skin, and shoulder-length black hair woven into a braid.

Lady Nissa works in The Tutoring Center with students that need help in their classes.

It is unknown what Sir Rosings teaches.

Sir Tiergan mentors Sophie Foster in telepathy after agreeing to return to Foxfire for a year. Many people were surprised by his return since the incident involving Prentice. At first, no one was allowed to know that he was Sophie's mentor. He returned in Exile to continue being Sophie's telepathy mentor. In Everblaze, he starts teaching Fitz as well, in Sophie's classes. Sir Tiergan is later revealed (in Neverseen) to be Granite, a member of the Collective (similar to the Council) of the Black Swan.

Lady Veda teaches Level Three Elementalism. She is described as a wispy woman with waist-length black hair.

Lady Zillah is Tam's Shade mentor.

Lady Sanja is Keefe's elvin history mentor.

Lady Ceah is mentioned as an Elvin History mentor.

Sir Bubu was Keefe's level 2 mentor. He was said for Keefe making fun of his name, and is currently unknown what subject he teaches.

She was another one of Keefe's level 2 mentors. People assume she teaches Alchemy because Keefe says,"Lady Delmira thought my elixir was too frothy," and also mentioned losing a few points off his score.

She is a graduated Foxfire mentor and is an extremely talented technopath - possibly the most talented in the Elvin world. The council told her to be a mentor for Dex, a friend of Sophie that is a very talented young technopath. Lady Iskra has created imparters, nexuses, spyballs, and obscurers.

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  1. Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities, narration, page 160, Google Books

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