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The Foster family is the human family that raised and took care of Sophie Foster when the Black Swan left her with humans. The family believed Sophie was their biological daughter and did not know that she was an elf or a Telepath. The Elves had planned to fake Sophie's death so that she could come to live with elves secretly, but Sophie requested that Alden that they should wipe their memories instead because she didn't want them to live with the pain of thinking their daughter was dead. After that, Sophie watches her family (with new names) with her illegal Spyball, given to her by the Black Swan.

Unfortunately, her parents William/Connor and Emma/Kate were abducted in Nightfall to be experimented on. They sustained brutal wounds on the surface of their skin, as well as mental trauma. Damel Kafuta and Sophie wiped their memories, and Mr. Forkle takes it from there.

Their family crest is three hands reaching for each other. Sophie thinks that it's only three hands because Sophie is not biologically part of the family.


Sophie's dad becomes Connor Freeman when the elves wash his memory. He was kidnapped by the Neverseen in Nightfall.

Marty is the family's fluffy gray cat, who Sophie had loved dearly before she left. She got to see him again in Nightfall. Later, it is revealed that she found him when he was a stray cat and then later adopted him.

Watson is the family's beagle dog that they only got when Sophie had left and they had moved to a place with a bigger backyard. When Sophie lived with her family they were not able to get a dog. In the first book Sophie asked Alden to get them a dog and to make sure their house had a large backyard.

Amy is Sophie's little sister, who becomes Natalie Freeman when the elves wash her memory and relocate her. At the end of Lodestar, Sophie goes with Fitz and Keefe to see Amy. During Nightfall, they bring her to the Lost Cities until her parents are found. While she stayed at the lost cities, she rode Silveny, and ate traditional elven treats.

Sophie's mother becomes Kate Freeman when the elves wash her memory. She was kidnapped by the Neverseen in Nightfall.

Other Identities Edit

Mr. William David Foster, Mrs. Emma Iris Foster, and Amy become Connor, Kate, and Natalie Freeman when the Elves wash their memories of Sophie. Sophie can watch them with her illegal Spyball.

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