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Basic Information


Fluttermont is Marella Redek's house. Sophie and Biana visited it in Legacy but it was included on the map of the Lost Cities given in Unlocked. It is in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of South America.


The sprawling estate has a series of domed buildings draped with bougainvillea surrounding a square reflecting pool mirroring the sky.


“Neat rows of perfectly trimmed hedges. Vibrant flower beds without a single weed. A square reflecting pool that was so glassy, it looked like a mirror of the sky. The silver railings lining the house's numerous balconies gleamed like they'd just been polished.”

—Narration, in Flashback, page(s) 726, paperback

“She'd imagining the Redek house to be a bit more chaotic. Maybe even a little run-down. But everything was immaculate.”

—Narration and Sophie, in Flashback, page(s) 726, paperback

“She studied the sprawling structure. The domed roofs at varying heights and the bougainvillea draping the walls reminded her of pictures she had seen of the Greek Isles.”

—Narration and Sophie, in Flashback, page(s) 725-726, paperback


  • After Marella manifested as a Pyrokinetic, her dad installed a fire pit with golden flareadon fur bean bags.
  • Visitors tend to catch themselves wondering which of Fluttermont's numerous balconies was the one that Caprise Redek fell from.
  • Marella's bedroom had to be rebuilt after she had manifested as a pyrokinetic in there, and burned her room.
  • Sophie thought that Fluttermont looks like pictures she'd seen of houses in the Greek Isles.

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