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“Anything for the moonlark.”

—Flori to Sophie, in Flashback

Flori is a gnome that lives at Havenfield. She is Calla's great-great-grandniece, though she calls Calla her aunt instead of "great-great-great aunt". Flori has green teeth like many of the gnome people and wears her hair in braids. In Lodestar, she helped Sophie and Fitz get to Eternalia, to visit Councillor Oralie.

She tells Sophie that Calla once said, "the greats [of great-great-grandniece] meant that I was the best".

In Flashback, Flori volunteers to be one of Sophie's bodyguards after overhearing a security discussion. Though gnomes aren't typically considered fighters, Flori proves she's willing and works alongside Bo, one of King Dimitar's mercadirs.

In Flasback, Flori helps Sophie get rid of her echoes by singing a song inspired by Vesperlace, Dimmetines, Respitillis, and Hushspurs. Flori's song turns Sophie's echo from a monster to "something that she could embrace"

In Book 8: Legacy, Flori helps calm Sophie’s echoes that are triggered by Tam Song. She also goes with Team Valiant and the Councillors to Loanmore, where she is taken hostage by the Neverseen, but then escapes by diving into the sand after Maruca removes her force field.

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