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Flashers are elves that can manipulate many colors of light to suit their needs. For example, Orem Vacker uses his ability to put on a yearly light show for the elves during the Celestial Festival while Elwin uses his to be a doctor. According to most elves, including Luzia Vacker, they claim that Orem Vacker is the world's most powerful flasher; he is at least the most famous.

A flasher did something to the gates at Everglen to make them absorb light so no one can light leap in. Flashers are also talented with illusions, especially when working with a Shade.

Flashers are able to use their ability to see physical ailments on a patient. Elwin uses his ability (paired with weird glasses) to see headaches, broken bones, etc. For people who aren't Flasher-physicians, they can use colored candles and special glasses.

Wylie Endal (a flasher) uses the full-color spectrum against Umber and Ruy Ignis causing them to temporarily be unable to use their talents.

Known Flashers Edit

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