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The Fitz Short Story is a short story from Fitz's point of view that was part of the Barnes & Noble Special Edition of Flashback. It is primarily composed of dialogue between Biana and Fitz. At first, the dialogue mainly centers on Biana trying to get Fitz to confess his feelings to Sophie. Later on, they also discuss Fitz's levitating chandelier incident and Alvar.


The Fitz Short Story revolves around Biana's insistence for Fitz to tell Sophie he likes her, in case she decides to move on.

When Fitz claims that Sophie knows about his feelings, Biana says: 'I think I might be breaching the Best Friend Code here, but... I think you forget sometimes how adorably clueless she is about this stuff. She has no idea you like her, Fitz. Seriously. None. And anytime she starts to wonder, she talks herself out of it. So if you don't tell her, she might never figure it out on her own. She might even move on — and that'd be a shame, because you guys are perfect for each other."

After that, Fitz eventually decides to listen to Biana and tell Sophie about his feelings for her, as told in Flashback. Biana then finds Fitz in his room "with a huge dopey grin on [his] face" and, Fitz admits that he told Sophie that he likes her. Biana still advises Fitz to get together with Sophie and actually tell her that he likes her, not that he trusts her, and to not wait for Matchmaking, in case it pulls them apart. So Fitz promises Biana that, "if some perfect moment comes up", he will "just forget about Matchmaking," and tell her.


“You realize I'm going to call you Chandelier Head from now on, right?”

Biana, in the Fitz Short Story after he runs into the chandelier with his crutches

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