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Fire is one of the six elvin elements that make up the Elvin world. It can be controlled by Pyrokinetics. Quicksnuff is a substance that Elves use to quickly and easily control or put out fires.

Known Types Of Fire[]


The hardest fire for a Pyrokinetic to make is Everblaze, and it is a yellow flame that requires both lumenite and gold to catch it. Everblaze is extremely powerful and dangerous, as it is the one type of fire that even Pyrokinetics are not invulnerable to and have very little control over it. Fintan Pyren describes Everblaze as "fire of the sun on earth."[1] The only thing that can extinguish Everblaze is a substance known as Frissyn.


Balefire is a blue flame that can be lit with any kind of heat. It is used to light Atlantis and Balefire pendants, which are like flashlight necklaces. It used to be Fintan's trademark flame before he discovered how to create Everblaze.


Aurenflare is a type of colorful bonfire that is used to commemorate a special event, such as the one that the Vackers held to celebrate the new year at Foxfire.

Common Fire/Human Fire[2][]

Although it has not been used in the books, we know it exists and should be considered as a type of fire, even if it's not special in any way. This subclassification also includes general fire produced by Pyrokinetics on a whim.

Rainbow Flames[]

In Slurps and Burps, when Sophie first visited, the Dizznees were making something over rainbow-colored flames.