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“Our world is broken, Alden—and all the Council does about it is condemn anyone brave enough to acknowledge that we have a problem. Break our minds, lock us deep in the earth, convince themselves that we are the criminals. But who are the ones ruining lives? Destroying families? Forbidding people from using their abilities, relegating them to working class—”

—Fintan Pyren, in Exile

Fintan Pyren is the leader of the Neverseen. He is a Pyrokinetic, and one of the Ancients. He used to be a Councillor before Pyrokinesis was banned.


Fintan has slender features that look almost fragile. He has sky blue eyes and messy blond hair. He has pointy ears, like all Ancients. In fact, his ears are pointier than Councillor Bronte's, meaning that he is even older than him.


In Book 2: Exile, the Councillors sent Fintan to Exile and had Alden perform a memory break (with Sophie's help). Fintan ended up burning both Alden and Sophie and temporarily dragging Alden into madness before Sophie saved him. During the mind break, Sophie and Alden learned that Fintan had illegally trained another Pyrokinetic.

In Everblaze, Sophie managed to uncover the identity of the other Pyrokinetic, Brant. He never uncovered his talent as far as everyone knew and was considered Talentless. Truthfully, he was just hiding his illegal ability. Sophie attempted to heal Fintan's mind after the break, in an amethyst tower called Oblivimyre, and he retaliated, sparking Everblaze and supposedly killing himself, and Kenric, in the process. The fire also burned down most of Eternalia.

In Neverseen, it was revealed that Fintan survived the fire in Oblivimyre. He and Brant also trapped Sophie and her friends in a cage of Everblaze after their grand escape from Ravagog.

In Lodestar, Fintan is captured and talks his way into the Peace Summit in Lumenaria. However, it is revealed that his and other members of the Neverseen's capture was part of their grand plan, and, using their mental energy they bring Lumenaria crashing down on itself, killing Brant in the process. When this happens, Vespera escapes with them.

In Nightfall, it is found out that Vespera is working with Fintan. At the end of the book, Fintan is captured-but he has a bargaining chip: he knows where to find a reserve of the antidote to the Neverseen's weapon, soporidine. As levy for the information regarding the antidote, he makes a few demands: No Telepath can come near him, especially Sophie; He will be kept in a private prison, not a cell in Exile; and the Council must guarantee that no harm will come to him, including memory breaks. In return, the Council ordered that in the following days, Fintan must work with Councillor Bronte to access the secrets in his cache, which Keefe had stolen during his infiltration of the Neverseen.

In Flashback, it is revealed that the cache Keefe stole is a fake. Fintan also asks for a meeting with Sophie and Fitz, in which he tells them Vespera's plans for the Celestial Festival, in exchange for their promise to let him train Marella Redek.

In Legacy, Fintan starts training Marella in pyrokinesis. Linh comes to one of these lessons to extinguish any accidental fires just in case, and Marella says Fintan seems impressed with Linh.


  • The name Fintan, in Irish, means "white fire".
  • The last name Pyren is derived from the word Pyre, which means the "fire that is burned to bring the dead into the afterlife."

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