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Final Exams (Finals) are taken by Foxfire prodigies at the end of the school year.

In order to continue their Foxfire education, all elves must score at least an eighty-five, notably higher than the requirements for Midterms. The procedures are quite similar—Thinking caps are issued to each prodigy to prevent cheating (though they have no effect on Sophie, due to her genetically enhanced abilities).

The exam takes no more than a full day. Prodigies are tested on all courses they are taking, and it is followed by a break.

During the finals celebration, the prodigies' thinking caps are turned into gift bags, candy and decorations are assorted throughout the school, and Parent-Mentor Conferences are held.

Official Description[]

These festivities are similar to midterm celebrations—through the gifts exchanged tend to be more extravagant. And the principal closes out the school year with an inspiring speech, followed by another shower of edible confetti and a coordinated cape toss between all the prodigies.