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Family Crest Pins are special pins that each Elvin family has. These crest pins are used to hold capes together. They have the family crest on the front and have a clasp on the back. Every crest is different for each family.

The pins are known to be jewel-encrusted and elaborate.

Lady Gisela, a known member of the Neverseen, gave Keefe Sencen a Sencen crest coated with Aromark in Book 2: Exile so that the Neverseen could follow Keefe and Sophie to the Black Swan's High Seas hideout and facility where Sophie got her abilities healed.

Known Crest Pins[]

  • Babblos Crest: The Babblos crest is an eight-sided star with lightning bolts shooting into the points from the center.
  • Endal Crest: The Endal crest circle that has a sun with wavy orange and yellow rays streaming out.
  • Chebota Crest: Maruca's family crest looks like a four-sided aquamarine flower with pointy purple leaves in the crevices.
  • Redek Crest: The Redek crest is a red oval with three white feathers.
  • Ruewen Crest: The Ruewen crest is a triangle with an eagle holding a ruby rose.
  • Sencen Crest: The Sencen crest has two hands holding an emerald candle.
  • Song Crest: The Song crest is a black and silver pin that has two wolves bending their neck in a graceful howl.
  • Vacker Crest: The Vacker crest has two golden, diamond encrusted wings on it.