Family Crest Pins are pins that are used to hold the capes together. They have the family crest on the front, and the clasp is on the back.

Known Crest Pins Edit

  • Dizznee Crest:  The Dizznee  crest is square, and appears to be making a tree out of alchemy products.
  • Endal Crest:  The Endal crest circle that has a sun with wavy rays streaming out.
  • Ruewen Crest:The Ruewen crest is a triangle with a bird holding a rose
  • Sencen Crest: The Sencen crest has two hands holding an emerald candle.
  • Song Crest:  The Song crest is a black and silver pin that has two wolves bending their neck in a graceful howl.
  • Vacker Crest:  The Vacker crest has two golden encrusted wings on it.
  • Foster/Freeman Crest: When Amy was in the lost cities, Livvy had a crest thrown together for her depicting three hands, for each member in the family. It is evident that Sophie is not included on it.
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