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This article is about Exile. You may be looking for Book 2: Exile, the second book in the series.

Exile is the Elves' most secure prison. It is located within the center of the Earth, and was excavated by the dwarves for elven use. The elves use Exile to store prisoners, political prisoners (barring humans), storing individuals for whom the council has ordered a mind break, and storing those with broken minds.

Gateway to Exile[]

As Exile is located within the center of the Earth, directly light-leaping to it is impossible. Therefore, it is necessary that individuals must first leap to the Gateway to Exile, located within a desert in the Sahara. The Leaping Crystals used to reach the Gateway to Exile are black. The gateway itself is a patch of quicksand that individuals must sink through to reach the Entrance to Exile.

Entrance to Exile[]

The quicksand pulls individuals into a small cavern with a sand ceiling called the Entrance to Exile. In the entrance, there is a slit in a wall that a magsidian key (pendant) fits into. When unlocked, the wall spins to reveal a doorway which leads to a narrow staircase. The staircase leads to the center of the earth: Exile. The staircase is long and spiraled, allowing the maximum amount of cages. Each cell has a nameplate that glows.

The Room Where Chances Are Lost[]

At the very bottom of the staircase of Exile, there is The Room Where Chances Are Lost. It is small, square room where individuals are kept before and during their Memory Break. It can only be reached through a large metal door which can only be opened by a dwarven guide. This guide possesses the keys to the room: a special pendant and coin. The room smells bleak, filled with the sounds of hopeless moaning from the other inhabitants of Exile.


The Somnatorium is where prisoners are kept in a never-ending sleep. The prisoners within are kept alive, to prevent the councillors who sentence individuals from breaking due to guilt. The room is silent, as the prisoners are kept in permanent sleep. The Council sentenced King Enki to the Somnatorium after it was revealed that he had conspired with the Neverseen.


Fintan Pyren (formerly)

• Unnamed Beast

Prentice Endal (formerly)

King Enki


• At least 2 unknown Pyrokinetics

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