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Exile is where the elves keep their worst law breakers and prisoners from all the intelligent species (except humans).

Gateway to Exile[edit | edit source]

Black crystals leap them to a desert called the Gateway to Exile. Alden and Sophie get sucked down quicksand that serves as an entrance.

Entrance to Exile[edit | edit source]

From there, quicksand pulls them into a small cavern with a sand ceiling called the Entrance to Exile. In the entrance, there is a slit in a wall that a magsidian key (pendant) fits into. When unlocked, the wall spins to reveal a doorway that leads to a narrow staircase.

Exile[edit | edit source]

This is the beginning of Exile. Exile is in the center of the earth, dug out by dwarves for elves to use.

The Room Where Chances Are Lost[edit | edit source]

If the visitors are allowed to go there, the dwarf would meet them and be their guide. The Room Where Chances Are Lost is opened with a special pendant and coin. The room smells bleak with the sound of hopeless moaning. It is long and spiralled to allow a maximum amount of cages. Each cell has a nameplate that glows.

Prisoners[edit | edit source]

• Fintan (formerly)

Fintan was imprisoned for his Pyrokinesis.

•Unnamed Beast

Somnatorium[edit | edit source]

The Somnatorium is said to be where prisoners are put to endless sleep. The room is silent because of the sleeping prisoners.

Trips to Exile[edit | edit source]

Known Prisoners[edit | edit source]

Fintan (up to Everblaze)

Prentice (up to Neverseen)


At least 2 unknown Pyrokinetics

King Enki (In the Somnatorium)

Lost Cities



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Neverseen Hideouts

The Sixteen Former HideoutsPallidroseGwynauraValkonianLady Gisela's NightfallVespera's Nightfall

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Entrance to ExileGateway to ExileExileThe Room Where Chances Are LostThe Somnatorium


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