“Fitz leaned down and stroked the shiny brown shell along the eurypterid's back. Sophie waited for the pincers to slice him in half, but the creature held still, emitting a low hissing sound, like it enjoyed being petted.”

—Narration of Fitz and Sophie, in Keeper of the Lost Cities, page(s) 75, Google Books

Eurypterids have the common name as 'sea scorpions,' which is what they resemble: giant, eight foot long scorpions. They are described as brown creatures with large pincers and a scorpion tail. Similar to how a cat would purr, eurypterids make a hissing sound when they are petted, as demonstrated by Fitz. Elves use eurypterids as a way of travel in Atlantis. They tow around silver carriages, similar to horses. The system is similar to a taxi system. Much to Fitz's amusement, Sophie was petrified of the eurypterid when she first had to ride one with Alden to visit Quinlin Sonden. This creature is part of the gorgodon hybrid used by Lady Gisela to guard Nightfall because of their stinging tails. Elwin owns a tunic patterned with eurypterids.

In Exile, Keefe also mentions going to see the eurypterid races in Atlantis, in which supposedly the eurypterids sometimes get loose and "claw their way into the stands..."[1]


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