Eternalia is the capital of the Elvin cities. The human name for Eternalia is Shangri-La, a mythological place known as 'paradise.'[1] Sophie finds out that it is in the Himalayas. The buildings are tall and built with shining crystals that give them a beautiful sheen. In Everblaze, raging flames practically destroyed the city. Since then, the gnomes and dwarves have rebuilt the city. Eternalia is where the Councillors live.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

“She stood at the edge of a glassy river lined with impossibly tall trees, fanning out their wide emerald leaves among the puffy white clouds. Across the river, a row of crystal castles glittered in the sunlight in a way that would make Walt Disney want to throw rocks at his "Magic Kingdom." To her right, a golden path led into a sprawling city, where the elaborate domed buildings seemed to be built from brick-size jewels--each structure a different color. Snowcapped mountains surrounded the lush valley, and the crisp, cool air smelled like cinnamon and chocolate and sunshine.”

—Narration, in Keeper of the Lost Cities

The downtown of Eternalia is "nothing but wall-to-wall sparkly buildings for block after block."[2] After the fire in Everblaze, every street is a mix of old and new. The solid-colored buildings built from bricks of a single gemstone survived the everblaze, and the newer replacement buildings were elaborate, multi-colored jeweled mosaics.

Use in Scenes[edit | edit source]

Eternalia is where Tribunals are usually held. Fitz shows Sophie Eternalia when they first meet, and a Tribunal was taking place. Sophie has been there several times: for Tribunals, for various special events, and to meet with the Councillors.

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