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Eternalia is the capital of the Elvin cities, located in the Himalayas. The human name for Eternalia is Shangri-La, a mythological place known as 'paradise'.[1] The buildings are tall and built with shining crystals that give them a beautiful sheen. In Everblaze, raging flames destroyed half of the city. Since then, the gnomes and dwarves have rebuilt the city.


According to Legacy, Eternalia is nestled into one of the valleys of the Himalayas, and is much closer to the sanctuary than most people realize. It's likely that it inspired the human myths of Shangri-La.

Unlocked Description[]

The glittering elvin capital is hidden in a valley in the Himalayas, and it's truly a sight to behold - and likely the source of human legends about Shangri-la. Eternalia is divided by a wide river lined with Purfoliage Palmae (Or Pures: towering palm like trees that filter the air), and one half of the city holds the twelve identical crystal castles that serve as offices and residences for the Councillors. The other half is a sparkling, jeweled metropolis, which includes - among numerous other buildings - Tribunal Hall: a tall domed building built from emeralds, which flies a blue flag when a Tribunal is in progress, the Council's Seat of Eminence: a massive diamond palace with four towers, which only notability may enter, the Eternalia Library: Lost Cities' primary and largest library, and special memorial fountain to the late Councillor Kenric Elgar Fathdon. A large portion of the city was destroyed in the same inferno of Everblaze that stole Kenric's life, but Eternalia was quickly rebuilt with the help of Gnomes and Dwarves. Buildings that survived the fire can be identified by their style (built from solid-color bricks of a single gemstone), as can the replacements (with walls that are elaborate, multicolored jeweled mosaics).



The downtown of Eternalia is "nothing but wall-to-wall sparkly buildings for block after block."[2] After the fire in Everblaze, every street is a mix of old and new. The solid-colored buildings built from bricks of a single gemstone survived the Everblaze, and the newer replacement buildings were elaborate, multi-colored jeweled mosaics.


Eternalia is where Tribunals are usually held. Fitz shows Sophie Eternalia when they first meet, and a Tribunal was taking place. Sophie has been there several times: for Tribunals, for various special events, and to meet with the Councillors.

Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities[]

Fitz and Sophie travel to Eternalia using Fitz's pathfinder, which he does for the sake of convincing Sophie that elves are real, and also that she is one. They see the Tribunal Hall, which has a tribunal going on for a purpose that remains unknown. Later in the novel when Sophie bottles quintessence from Elementine, she attends a tribunal here. She is not punished for this due to the lack of malintent. She also has her final tribunal in Eternalia, where it is determined that she will not be punished for bottling Everblaze and that she will get to attend Level Three of Foxfire with Councillor Bronte as her inflicting mentor.

Book 2: Exile[]

Sophie goes to meet Councillor Terik at his castle in Eternalia so that she can find her old sparkly pink journal. Terik takes her to a storehouse in Mysterium, and she finds the journal.

Book 3: Everblaze[]

Sophie and Fitz go to Oblivimyre to perform a healing on Neverseen leader, Fintan Pyren. They do heal Fintan, but he calls Everblaze and ends up burning most of the city down. He also kills Councillor Kenric Elgar Fathdon. Later the Councillors and Alchemists make Frissyn and save the city from completely burning down. Later Sophie goes to Eternalia to see her punishment for reading King Dimitar's mind at Kenric's planting. It was also announced that Dame Alina was selected as the new Councillor. There she was forced to wear the Ability Restrictor that Dex designed.

Book 4: Neverseen[]

A Councillor's Castle

Due to the gnomish plague, a group of gnomes gathered in Eternalia in protest. After a couple of days, the Councillors gave a statement there in which they announced and explained the history behind Panakes Trees, drakostomes, and the of Serenvale. At this announcement, Fintan Pyren revealed that he was still alive, and King Dimitar gave a fake cure for the gnomish plague to the gathered gnomes.

Book 5: Lodestar[]


Book 6: Nightfall[]

The characters searched in the Eternalia Library for information.

Book 7: Flashback[]


Book 8: Legacy[]

Team Valiant was “created” in Eternala, when Sophie, Dex, Wylie, Biana, and Stina, along with their parents/guardians, met the council to become the group called Team Valiant.

Important Locations[]

Tribunal Hall[]

Note: Due to Kenric's passing, Alina has taken his position as Councillor.

The Tribunal Hall is an area located in Eternalia, and is a large, domed building in which tribunals are held. Within the Tribunal Hall, there are twelve thrones, each with a Councillor's name engraved on it. Each of the thrones are also decorated around the Councillor's aesthetic to it. For example, Councillor Oralie's throne is decorated in pink, while Councillor Bronte's throne looks stiff and surly, reflective of his personality. The accused sit on a platform on in front of the 12 Councillors, with a silver staircase leading up to it. Behind are the seats reserved for the ones related to the tribunal, and even further back are the public. There have been 5 known Tribunals held in this hall so far for Prentice Endal, an tribunal for an unknown purpose, two for Sophie, and one for Alvar Vacker in that order.

Councillors' Castles[]

The Councillors each live in a crystal castle which are located in a row across from the river in Eternalia. Councillor Terik's is in the center of the row. Councillor Oralie's has pink flowers out the front, and is next door to what used to be Kenric's castle, but is now Councillor Alina's.


In Everblaze, Oblivmyre is the location where Fintan's healing takes place. It burns down along with the majority of Eternalia. In the past, it was used as a way for the elves to show their superiority.==References==