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Empress Pernille is the leader of the trolls and is introduced in the book Lodestar. She attends the Peace Summit at Lumenaria to represent the trolls.

She is shown once in the books, but she does take a liking to Sophie and admires her qualities, such as her intelligence, talents, and humbleness.

Along with Queen Hylda, she requests to see Fintan at the Peace Summit.

She is known to secure alliances, and requested one with Sophie in Flashback. She holds onto one made with Luzia Vacker for the purpose of concealing the troll hives.

Appearance Edit

“She nearly trampled a small, strange creature that looked like a cross between a sloth, a pot-bellied pig, and a small child, with fuzzy skin, an upturned nose, and a short chubby body dressed in a purple tutu.”

Empress Pernille is described to be in stage six of the troll life stages. She is short, looking like a young child, pot-bellied pig, and sloth. It was also noted that she was "chubby".

Relationships Edit

When Sophie received Tarina as a bodyguard, she learned that the Empress wanted to make an alliance with her. Sophie wasn't sure, but agreed to save the baby alicorns. After the battle at Everglen at the end of Book 7: Flashback, Sophie's position on the alliance is unknown but it is possible the wants to pull out of the deal.

In Flashback, Empress Pernille sent Tarina not only to protect Sophie, but to form an alliance with her.

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