Emma Iris Foster, or Kate Freeman, is Sophie Foster's foster mother in the Forbidden Cities. She is described to be a chubby brunette, and she does not like Sophie getting public attention. After Sophie left the Forbidden Cities, her memory of her past life was wiped out completely and she became Kate Freeman, living a brand new life without the slightest memory of Sophie. At the end of Lodestar, she was revealed to be taken by the Neverseen, to somewhere called Nightfall.[1]

In Everblaze, Keefe mistakes her initials (E.I.F) for the human spelling of the word 'elf' (E.L.F).[2]

Relationships Edit

Sophie's embryo had been implanted into Emma. Her belly button had turned pink and popped out like it would have if she were an elf. The night before Sophie left the Forbidden Cities, Emma seems to believe that Sophie was indeed her biological daughter, even though the truth was otherwise. She does not like Sophie getting public attention, and wishes she was normal like other children, deterring reporters in hopes to help to do.

Amy is a biological daughter of Emma. She, like her, has brown hair and green eyes.

  1. page 675 of Lodestar: "'And I heard them say, "Take them to Nightfall."'
  2. page 15 of Everblaze: "Keefe squinted at the sloppy letters. 'Does that say "elf"'?' // 'No, that's an I. Emma Iris Foster.'"

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