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Elwin and Physic, or Elsic/Livwin is the friendship/fan-made pairing between Elwin and Physic (Livvy). It was mentioned in Lodestar that Elwin knows who Physic is, but does not realize that it's actually her. During Nightfall, it was revealed that Physic is currently married to Quinlin (technically), but their relationship is a bit rocky, giving potential for this ship to become a reality.

Other Names[]

Elsic (Elwin/Physic) Most Commonly Used

Phywin (Physic/Elwin)


Phin (Physic/Elwin)

Physwin ( Physic/Elwin

Livin (Livvy/Elwin)

Livwin (Livvy/Elwin)

Winliv (Elwin/Livvy)

Elvy (Elwin/Livvy)

Elwivvy (Elwin/Livvy)

Similarities and Differences[]


  • They are both physicians.
  • They have both saved Sophie's life on multiple occasions.
  • They both have healed members of the Black Swan.
  • They both have previously used products from Slurps and Burps.
  • They both care about Sophie.
  • They both have brown hair.


  • Physic is an official member of the Black Swan, while Elwin is not.
  • Elwin has dark brown hair, grey-blue eyes and a wide jaw while Physic has dark skin, full lips, dark blue eyes and a softly rounded nose.
  • Physic has dual identities while Elwin is known so far to have only one.
  • Elwin works at Foxfire, while Livvy does not.
  • Physic is married, while Elwin is not.
  • Elwin is a flasher and Livvy is not.

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