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Elwin Heslege is an Elvin doctor who is usually put to the task of healing Sophie, Keefe and the rest of Sophie's friends. He works in the Healing Center at Foxfire.

Elwin keeps Bullhorn, a banshee, with him because banshees can sense when someone is in mortal danger or on the edge of death.

He has his own Emotional Support Stuffed Animal named Stinky the Stegosaurus. Elwin's first encounter with this happens when they discover Sophie's allergy to limbium. Elwin is known for giving his patients stuffed animals to cheer them up. He gave Sir. Splashyhugs to Marella, Mr. Snuggles to Fitz, Mrs. Stinkbottom to Keefe, and Lady Sassyfur to Biana.

Elwin has a good sense of humor, and loves to laugh, usually about Sophie's disasters or Keefe's antics. For instance, when Keefe brings Sophie to the Healing Center for the first time, Elwin gives him a pass to get out of class so that he would not be punished for ditching. (Because as concerned as Keefe acted about the burn, we all know ditching was his plan.)

Elwin has saved Sophie’s life from numerous disasters and in Flashback, he regained her health after she was attacked by shadowflux.

In Unlocked, it shows Elwin's medical book of Sophie's injuries and how he treats them. Elwin loves Sophie like a daughter.

Physical Appearance[]


Elwin is described as having wild dark hair with eyes that are more grey than blue. He has a broad jaw and smallish mouth with a smile that lights up his face (when Sophie first arrives in the Lost Cities, she is relieved to discover he doesn't look as perfect as every other elf). He often wears brightly colored tunics with various creatures on them, such as gazelles, dinos, alicorns, etc.

Splendor Plains[]

In Unlocked, it is revealed that he lives at Splendor Plains, located off the Alaskan Coast. The artwork and description of it shows it as modern, with a flat roof and lots of angles, though it does have a few Elwin-style additions, like glass-roofed passageways for Bullhorn, and a room of stuffed animals, where the Emotional Support Stuffed Animals came from. Keefe stays there after he wakes up so Elwin could provide him with treatments.



Elwin, like Orem Vacker, is a Flasher. That means that he can move light to suit his needs. Paired with iridescent spectacles he can use different colours of light to see different things. For example, a green light can allow him to see the different cells in his patient's body. When Sophie had echoes, the areas where there where echoes where murky.


“Figured this year I should pay you a proper tribute. Just be glad that I didn't take Keefe's suggestion and rename this place Foster Center.”

—Elwin, in Exile

“I need you to be honest with me, so I can figure out the best means to help you. We're in this together, and I promise, I'm going to do everything in my power to help you get through this.”

—Elwin, in Unlocked

“So what do you say? Team Sencen-Heslege for the win? Or maybe Team Troublemaker and the Worrying Doctor?”

—Elwin, in Unlocked

“Thing you have to remember is...everything changes us. Everyday we live. Every person we meet. Every experience, good or bad. That's what makes us who we are. What shapes our thoughts and decisions. And the changes always work on two levels: What happened and how we respond.”

—Elwin, in Legacy

“Look who's back in the Lost Cities and already needs a physician house call!”

—Elwin, in Neverseen