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Elvin food is all vegetarian since none of the Elves believes in eating other living creatures (they are actually quite disgusted at the idea of it). Much of the food is prepared by the Gnomes, however Elves are known to do some baking. Sophie describes all of the food as being more delicious than anything humans have created.

Known Elvin Foods Edit

Bilepods - a type of seasickness remedy that look like grae walnuts and aiseaten like an oyster.

Blitzenberry muffins - golden muffins with purple splotches; the berries fizz/pop, and the cake is smooth like melted butter.

Brattails - a tuber-like food that tastes like sausage.

Butterblasts - Round, golden pastries topped with sugar crystals, and taste of crunchy pancakes hot off the griddle, filled with thick maple-y cream.

Clarifava - slimy, very sour white cubes with black speckles that help the body resist the influence of technology.

Custard Bursts - pink and purple square puffs that look like marshmallows but are hard like candy on the outside with goo on the inside. They come in different flavors including chocolate, chocolate-cherry, butterscotch, lushberry, mint chocolate, and caramel. It was mentioned by Shannon Messenger that these are similar to macarons.

Fluffcreams - a delicious flaky pastry with honey and cinnamon and butter.

Indigoobers - gooey, juicy blue clusters that taste sweet.

Kernalfruit - A shriveled fruit that tastes like banshee poop

Mallowmelt - a gooey cake that melts in your mouth that tastes like chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, butterscotch, and frosting. When Sophie tasted this, she said it was the best thing she ever tasted.

Mashed Carnissa Root with Umber Leaves - a food that looks like purple mush and the umber leaves are black stripes in the mush. Carnissa Roots, when mashed, taste like cheeseburgers while the umber leaves taste like chicken.

Mood Candy - A type of candy that changes flavor based on your mood. Keefe Sencen is known to give this treat as gifts for midterms and finals.

Mooncakes - treats that look like petite fours, but taste like fudge and marshmallow dipped in chocolate sauce.

Porcarot Pie - tastes like "bacon and more bacon, covered in melted cheese".

Prattles - a sweet and chewy Elvin candy that tastes like caramel mixed with peanut butter and filled with cream. Each box contains a pin representing one animal on the planet.

Pudding Puffs- fudge squares that taste like warm apple pie and melted vanilla ice cream.

Ripplefluffs - silver-wrapped treats that are described as fudgey, buttery cupcakes mixed with brownies. They also contain a candy in the center. Sophie made Fitz Butter-Toffee and Chocolate Mint ones as well.

Ripplenut - a round yellow nut that is cracked open for the juice inside of it. They taste like butter, vanilla, honey, cinnamon, and caramel.

Ruckleberries - A berry that can change one's appearance by wrinkling their skin. Mr. Forkle used them to disguise himself.

Squirmigs - a stringy fruit which Grady seems to enjoy.

Starkflower Stew - a stew made of starkflowers that Calla invented and enjoys being poured around her Panakes tree.

Swizzlespice - a favorite treat of Silveny and Alicorns, blue that tastes of cinnamon.

Threadleens - A rare fruit with pink strings that taste spicy and tangy.

Unknown Cafeteria Food mentioned in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities - a green ball that tastes very sour. Sophie copied what Dex got in the Cafeteria on the first day of school. Wrong decision.

Unknown Candy in Book 2: Exile - white flakes that taste like various fruits. They were released like confetti at the beginning of the Opening Ceremonies.

Unknown fruit in Book 4: Neverseen - teal skin that "looked too pretty to eat." It is described as tasting like greasy cheese and Sophie ate it while attending Exillium.

Unknown Glop mentioned in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities - orange glop that tastes like buttery banana bread.

Unknown meal mentioned in Book 5: Lodestar - It looks like blue french fries and tastes like "nachos with extra cheese".

Unknown pastry in Book 4: Neverseen - pastries covered in pink jam

Unknown pastry in Book 6: Nightfall - Caramel-drizzled pastries that remained uneaten.

Unknown sludge in Book 2: Exile - Brown mushroom stew that tasted like dirty dishwater. They ate this at school because it was said to boost their brain power.

Unknown soup mentioned in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities - green soup that tastes like pizza.

Unknown soup in Book 2: Exile - pink soup.

Yolksnips- This food was given to the Neverseen in Lodestar. It is not grown by gnomes, because they and the Neverseen aren't exactly best friends, and therefore they are described to smell and taste like Iggy farts.

List of Known Drinks Edit

Bottle of Youth - a daily drink that elves have that cleans their bodies of any chemicals and keeps them healthy. It is known to be like water but more cold, sweet, and refreshing.

Cinnacreme - a hot drink that Juline serves in Book 5: Lodestar. It tastes like melted snickerdoodles.

Fizzleberry Wine - some sort of Elvin alcohol that may have had something to do with Caprise Redek’s condition when she fell off the balcony.

Flavored Air - air that comes in a can and is in different colors depending on the flavoru. The known flavor is strawberry, but there are more. Marella is often consuming it in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities.

Lushberry Juice - an Elvin beverage, favored by many Elvin children.

Slumberberry Tea - a purple-hued tea that also works as a sedative to help you fall asleep.

Unknown tea in Book 3: Everblaze - a strange red tea

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