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Elvin food is vegetarian because Elves don't believe in eating other living creatures. They are even disgusted by the idea of it. It is unknown if they are vegan, but from the information given, they are most likely not, as elves have described some foods as "buttery." Although much of the food is prepared by the Gnomes, Elves are known to do some baking. Sophie describes all of the food as being more delicious than anything humans have created. Sophie also thinks that some plants taste like human food, but better.

Known Elvin Foods In KotLC[]

  • Bilepods - A type of seasickness remedy that look like gray walnuts and are eaten like an oyster.
  • Blitzenberry Muffins - Petite cakes that melt like butter when bitten into, which are filled with tart berries that fizz and pop on the tongue.
  • Brattails - Tuber-style plants that are served roasted, and taste like the sausages that humans eat.
  • Butterblasts - Round, golden pastries topped with sugar crystals, taste of crunchy pancakes hot off the griddle filled with thick maple flavored cream, that are chewy like doughnuts.
  • Chasers - Also known as Noirssels. These silver-wrapped treats look like hard candies, and their dark color and squishy texture is reminiscent of a dead bug. They are so sweet and cinnamon-y and delicious that they can even take away the flavor of unpleasant medicines (which Sophie knows very well).
  • Clarifava - Slimy, very sour white cubes with black speckles that help the body resist the influence of technology.
  • Custard Bursts - Pink and purple square puffs that look like marshmallows but are hard like candy on the outside and gooey on the inside. They come in different flavors including chocolate, chocolate-cherry, butterscotch, lushberry, mint chocolate, and caramel. It was mentioned by Shannon Messenger that these are similar to macarons. Edaline Ruewen made these for Brant Alger while caring for him for sixteen years.
  • Dawnlings - A dark purple fruit with special seeds grown by Calla. They taste warm, sweet, tingly and taste like little slices of sunshine. They are served sliced.
  • Fluffcreams - A delicious flaky pastry filled with a cloud of honey, cinnamon, and butter. Perfect for dessert, a snack, or breakfast-or all of the above.
  • Indigoobers - A messy, blue, bite-sized pastry filled with sweet fruity juice that dribbles everywhere when eaten- which is half of the experience.
  • Mallowmelt - A gooey cake covered in frosting and butterscotch, that tastes like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies soaked in ice cream. When Sophie tasted this, she said it was the best thing she ever tasted.
  • Mood Candy - A type of candy that changes flavor based on your mood. Keefe Sencen is known to give this treat as gifts for midterms and finals. It is said to taste of sugarplums.
  • Mooncakes - treats that look like petit fours, but taste like fudge and marshmallow dipped in chocolate sauce.
  • Porcaroot Pie - A purple-colored pie that can be served for breakfast, and tastes like "bacon and more bacon, covered in melted cheese."
  • Prattles - A sweet and chewy Elvin candy that tastes like caramel mixed with peanut butter and filled with cream. Each box contains a pin representing one animal on the planet.
  • Pudding Puffs- Fudge squares that taste like warm apple pie and melted vanilla ice cream.
  • Ripplefluffs - Silver-wrapped treats that are described as fudgey, buttery cupcakes mixed with brownies. They also contain a candy in the center. Sophie made Fitz Butter-Toffee and Chocolate Mint ones as well.
  • Ripplenut - A round yellow nut that have shells that turn orange as they roast, and their centers melt into a warm goo that tastes like butter, vanilla, and honey, with a dash of cinnamon and a hint of caramel.
  • Ruckleberries - A berry that can change one's appearance by wrinkling their skin. Mr. Forkle used them to disguise himself.
  • Starkflower Stew - a rich, earthy stew made with a variety of gnomish spicesm herbs, vegetables, and starkflower, which adds a dark, smoky flavor that Calla invented and enjoys being poured around her Panakes tree.
  • Sugarknots - Flakey, croissant-like pastries filled with a rich brown-sugar custard.
  • Tangourds - a purple fruit fed to the gorgodon at Havenfield.
  • Threadleens - A rare, spicy, tangy fruit with pink strings that's eaten by pulling off the juicy pink strings.
  • Umber leaves - Wide black leaves best served dried and cut into strips. Their chicken-like flavor makes them both a delicious meal and an excellent way to train animals to become vegetarians.
  • Unknown Cafeteria Food mentioned in Keeper of the Lost Cities - a green ball that tastes very sour. Sophie copied what Dex got in the Cafeteria on the first day of school.
  • Unknown Candy in Exile - white flakes that taste like various fruits. They were released like confetti at the beginning of the Opening Ceremonies.
  • Unknown fruit in Neverseen - a pear shaped fruit with teal skin that "looked too pretty to eat." It is described as tasting like greasy, juicy cheese and Sophie ate it while attending Exillium.
  • Unknown Glop mentioned in Keeper of the Lost Cities - orange glop that tastes like buttery banana bread.
  • Unknown Glop mentioned in Legacy-green- and-pink glop that tastes like macaroni and cheese
  • Unknown meal mentioned in Lodestar - It looks like blue french fries and tastes like "nachos with extra cheese".
  • Unknown pastry in Everblaze - pink folded pastry that tastes like crepes soaked in butter and sugar.
  • Unknown pastry in Neverseen - pastries covered in pink jam.
  • Unknown pastry in Nightfall - Caramel-drizzled pastries that remained uneaten.
  • Unknown sludge in Exile - Brown mushroom stew that tasted like dirty dishwater. They ate this at school because it was said to boost their brain power.
  • Unknown soup in Exile - pink soup.
  • Unknown leaves in Everblaze: soggy purple leaves that taste like fried chicken.
  • Unknown Fruit in Neverseen: purple spiky fruit that Tam and Linh shared while attending Exillium.
  • Unknown Bread in Exile: Soft yellow bread used to wrap around brattail skewers at an Aurenflare, said to taste like melted cheese.
  • Callowberries - They are green, orange, and speckled- looking. They are used to reverse the effects of ruckleberries, but they are described to smell and taste horrible, like Flareadon poop. Mr. Forkle uses this.
  • Cravettels - These are seeds used in transitioning some carnivores to a vegetarian diet. They are blue and eventually became a food Verdi appreciated.
  • Edible Lip Gloss - This was a product that Biana gave Sophie for a midterm gift. Sophie uses it in Exile before the Opening Ceremonies of Foxfire.
  • Slumberberries - These are used to make Slumberberry tea. It's assumed that they make you fall asleep, since the tea is sometimes used as a sedative.
  • Unknown porridge in Neverseen - green sludgy porridge.

List of Known Drinks[]

  • Bottle of Youth - a daily drink that elves have that cleans their bodies of any chemicals and keeps them healthy. It is known to be like water but more cold, sweet, and refreshing.
  • Fizzleberry Wine - A bubbly, sweet beverage mulled from fizzleberries that may have had something to do with Caprise Redek’s condition when she fell off the balcony. It isn't technically alcoholic, but the effect is similar, so the elves reserve it for adults.
  • Flavored Air - air that comes in a can and is in different colors depending on the flavors. Marella is often consuming it in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities. It is an unique type of candy. It comes in a wide variety of flavors (but the only known flavor is strawberry). It keeps the air sweet and mouthwatering for a few minutes after popping open the can.
  • Lushberry Juice - an Elvin beverage, favored by many Elvin children. Lushberry juice is both sweet and tart and tastes amazing with anything.
  • Slumberberry Tea - a purple-hued tea that also works as a sedative to help you fall asleep.
  • Ogre Tea - a strange hot tea Lady Cadence serves, saying it was one of her favorite ogre treats. It is described to be a green sludge that smells citrusy, and tastes like a warm strawberry-lemonade milkshake.
  • Unknown tea in Everblaze - a strange red tea.