• Sophie Foster's Outfit
  • Fitz Vacker's Outfit
  • Keefe Sencen's Outfit
  • Biana Vacker's Outfit
  • Dex Dizznee's Outfit
  • Linh Song's Outfit
  • Tam Song's Outfit
  • Wylie Endal's Outfit

Typical Clothing Edit

The girls generally wear dresses with exquisite embroidery, with only the finest touch of delicacy, but they also sometimes wear long, eat tunics. Boys wear tunics and leggings with pockets at the ankles (so you don't sit on the items in your pocket).

Formal Clothing Edit

Girls wear very fancy dresses that are usually layered. Boys wear very fancy tunics and leggings. Both noble boys and noble girls wear capes.

Formal clothing is normally worn in noble cities, such as Atlantis. Capes are always worn in noble cities, but not always in others. Capes are a sign of nobility.

Foxfire Uniforms Edit

Generally consists of a velvet, shoulder-length cape with a family crest, a level pin, and a dress or skirt for girls, or shirt and pants for boys.

Exillium Uniforms Edit

Exillium uniforms used to cover the body completely, including masks, hoods, and ability pins. Once Councillor Oralie was contacted, Exillium started changing and the masks were removed; it is likely there were other changes as well.

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