Ella the Elephant is Sophie's bright blue elephant stuffed animal that she brought with her from the Forbidden Cities. She is one of Sophie's closest companions, and Sophie finds it hard to sleep without Ella in her arms. The only time they were separated was in Lodestar, when Sophie and Edaline went to the Peace Summit. Sophie is somewhat embarrassed to show Ella to her friends (especially Keefe). Later, Elwin gives Fitz, Mr. Snuggles. When Keefe learns about Mr.Snuggles, he teases Fitz relentlessly, until he gets his own stuffed animal, a gulon, Mrs. Stinkbottom.

Ella is also seen to be able to calm Sophie down. When Sophie was leaving the human world forever, she quickly held Ella and calmed down immediately.

Relationships Edit

Ella has always been there for Sophie. She has had her since she was a little girl, and Ella has gotten her through many sleepless nights and rough times.

Mr. Snuggles and Ella are of the same species (stuffed animal.) They are both very close to their owners, and their owners are very close to each other.

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