Elixirs are similar to potions. They are used for medical purposes, but also for other things, such as cosmetic purposes. Elwin and Physic both use them, brewing many to treat Sophie and her friends' various ailments and injuries. Slurps and Burps, Kesler Dizznee's store, sells many elixirs of different types - for medical, cosmetic, and prank purposes.

Known Elixirs: Edit

  1. Sea See
  2. Freckle Juice
  3. Absolutely Auburn
  4. Fart a la Carte
  5. Tanny Fanny
  6. Lovely Locks
  7. Raven Lovelylocks
  8. Liquid Amber Eyes
  9. Achey-Break
  10. Hairoids
  11. Nogginease

1-8 are appearance-altering

9-11 are healing

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