The Elite Levels are Levels 7 and 8 at Foxfire. Toward the right of the Foxfire campus, there are two towers: the Gold Tower and the Silver Tower, which are twisted around each other. The Gold Tower is where the Level Seven prodigies are housed and the Silver Tower does the same for the Level Eight prodigies. The Towers are like a boarding school in the sense that the Elite prodigies stay in the dormitories of their respective Tower overnight for a certain time. The Levels 7 and 8 prodigies are separated from the rest of the school in order to facilitate better concentration in studies. Usually, prodigies under Level 7 are not allowed in the Towers, so interrupting elite study time merits a week of detention. Sophie takes a Polyglot class in the Silver Tower, even though prodigies under Level 8 usually aren’t allowed to enter. The Elite Levels are entered by licking a small DNA strip, but if one (such as Sophie) is too short to reach, the Beacon can let them in.

Uniform Edit

Students in the Elite Levels have the same Foxfire uniform, but they are also required to wear a special cape that corresponds with what Level they are in. Level 7 capes are gold, like Level 7's Flareadon mascot. Level 8 capes are silver, like the Level 8 Unicorn mascot.

Qualities Edit

Level 7: Ages 17-18, Mascot is a Flareadon, and qualities are being resolute and enduring.

Level 8: Ages 18-19, Mascot is a Unicorn, and qualities are being noble and gentle.

Known Mentors Edit

Magnate Leto is the new principal of Foxfire after being promoted from his original position of Beacon of the Silver Tower. He is tall and keeps his black hair extremely gelled. He is a Telepath and turns out to be another of Mr. Forkle's identities.

Lady Cadence is Sophie's Linguistics mentor. She was forced back to Foxfire to teach Sophie and has no other students. During Everblaze, she was promoted to the title Master Cadence and is the Beacon of the Silver Tower. However, she is still called Lady Cadence, but by some, Master Cadence. She is a Polyglot and a Conjurer. Lady Cadence also supports the ogres.

Councillor Bronte is Sophie's Inflicting mentor. He was harsh at first, but soon realized her power.

Prentice was the Beacon of the Silver Tower when Jolie was in the Elite Levels. He tried to recruit her into the Black Swan while she was staying there.

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