“Just as fire hungers and wind breathes and water roars and earth waits. I've never been near quintessence, but I hear it pulses. And shadowflux dreams—hovering high above, waiting for something to capture its interest.”

Lady Zillah, in Flashback


In the Elvin world, there are six known Elements, four of which are known to be controllable by the Elvin abilities. Some Shades can control shadowflux, Pyrokinetics can try to control fire, Hydrokinetics can control water, and Gusters control air/wind.

Whether or not it's possible for Flashers to control the starlight of Quintessence is unknown since no Flasher was brave enough.

Quintessence is a version of light and shadowflux a version of darkness.

Associated Abilities

Element Associated Abilities
Fire Pyrokinetic
Water Hydrokinetic, Froster
Wind Guster
Earth Unknown (gnomes and dwarves?)
Quintessence Flasher
Shadowflux Shade


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