“And she managed to bottle three different clouds in elementalism, but it took four tries to bottle a whirlwind and the bottle had a crack from the pressure.”

—Narration, in Keeper of the Lost Cities

Elementalism is a class at Foxfire where prodigies learn to master and capture the elements. This usually involves them catching the elements in bottles. It is most often referred to as the "E" by the Drooly Boys. Sophie is not good at the class, and many times, she has accidentally singed some hair while attempting to catch a lightning bolt or shattered a rain bottle.

Applications Edit

Atlantis Edit

  • To enter the city of Atlantis, elves utilize bottled whirlpools to pull them under the ocean.

Light Edit

Other Edit

  • Tiergan used a bottled whirlwind in Nightfall.
  • Elves are able to bottle tornadoes, lightning, rain, clouds, ripples on the surface of water, and other natural phenomena.

Known Mentors Edit

Official Description by Shannon Messenger Edit

Harness the power of the elements and learn to properly store and contain them. Through careful instruction and hands-on training, prodigies will discover how to bottle everything from a gentle breeze to a bolt of lightning.

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