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Thank you for stopping by! We can always use help on the wiki. Below are listed a few ways; if you need help with a task, you can add it to the list.

  1. Update these things
  2. Add infoboxes to pages without
    • Infoboxes are really great for giving quick information on a topic.
    • If you spot a page without an infobox, please add one.
    • If no infobox that you think has the right fields exists, you can try making one yourself, using Special:InfoboxBuilder.
    • If you're not comfortable with that, you can message another user for help—SophitzFoster volunteers!
  3. Proofread "popular pages."
    • Popular pages get edited by a lot of people, and in the process, they can get really messy.
    • Reading through them and checking for things like conciseness and consistent tenses is really helpful.
    • To get started, you can go to a page under "Popular Pages" on the right of the screen, or you can check out Special:MostRevisions.
  4. Pages on the wiki can get *really* long! It's best to keep pages to the most relevant information, with subpages for more specific/niche information.
  5. Check if Template:Pairings, Template:Characters2, and Template:Places (the navboxes) are updated with links to all of the relevant articles.
  6. Check out pages that have gone a long time without an update, pages that are awfully short, and pages that haven't had a lot of different editors, and help us improve them!
    • They might have bad grammar, not enough links, not enough information, etc. There are lots of ways you can help spruce them up!