Editors who do not have the time, resources, or skills to do a particular edit or task can put it here. This is essentially a community to-do list that anyone can add to. Examples: Add information to (page link), make infobox for (category link), make a page for (name).

Short Tasks Edit

  1. Incorporate Archetype into some pages. (Suggestions: Book 6: Nightfall, Lady Gisela.)

Tasks of Medium Length Edit

  1. Make a page for the Vacker Legacy.

Long Tasks Edit

  1. Organize moments on ship pages by chronological order (will vary in length depending on the ship page)
    1. Biana and Dex
    2. Biana and Jensi
    3. Biana and Linh
    4. Biana and Tam
    5. Dex and Fitz
    6. Dex and Keefe
    7. Dex and Linh
    8. Dex and Marella
    9. Dex and Stina
    10. Fitz and Linh
    11. Keefe and Biana
    12. Keefe and Linh
    13. Keefe and Sophie
    14. Keefe and Tam
    15. Linh and Marella
    16. Linh and Wylie
    17. Marella and Biana
    18. Marella and Fitz
    19. Oralie and Kenric
    20. Sandor and Grizel
    21. Sophie and Biana
    22. Sophie and Dex
    23. Sophie and Fitz
    24. Sophie and Linh
    25. Sophie and Marella
    26. Sophie and Tam
  2. Add page numbers or chapter numbers to ship pages (will vary in length depending on the ship page)
  3. Add links to the corresponding French wiki pages to the bottoms of the English wiki‘s pages (see the bottom of the Book 1: Keeper page

Ongoing Tasks Edit

  1. When creating new pages, make sure to italicize book names (example - Book 5: Lodestar). For people in a hurry or source-mode-preferring people, this can be done by putting 2 apostrophes on either side of the phrase ([[Book 5: Lodestar|Book 5: ''Lodestar'']])
  2. These are links to "maintenance reports" that often have things in them that need to be dealt with.
    1. Special:DeadendPages - pages that need links.
    2. Special:AncientPages - pages that have gone the longest without an edit.
    3. Special:LonelyPages - pages that need to be linked to and/or incorporated into other pages.
    4. Special:FewestRevisions - pages that have been edited the least.
    5. Special:UncategorizedPages - pages that need to be categorized.
    6. Special:UncategorizedTemplates - templates that need to be categorized.
    7. Special:WantedPages - these pages either need a description written or for their links to be removed.
    8. Special:ShortPages - expand these pages with information when possible, or quotes and infoboxes when possible.
    9. Special:Disambiguations - these pages have links to disambiguation pages, and need to be linked to their specific pages.
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