“Losing you was one of the hardest things I've ever endured. But the worst part was knowing that you had no idea how much you mean to us.”

—Edaline Ruewen, in Book 1: Keeper

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Edaline Ruewen (Ed-uh-leen Ru-when) lives at Havenfield with her husband Grady Ruewen and her adopted daughter Sophie Foster. Her first daughter, Jolie Ruewen, died in a fire caused by her own maniac fiance, Brant. Edaline worries a lot and has anxiety, especially in public ever since Jolie's death. She is a conjurer and works at home rehabilitating animals with her husband Grady Ruewen. Edaline and Grady were more famous than the Vackers before they had shut themselves out of the public eye after Jolie's death. They were well-known for throwing huge parties every year that most people looked forward to, but now no longer throw the parties.  


She has turquoise eyes and wavy amber hair. She is often described as having bags under her eyes since the death of Jolie, probably from grief.

Personality Edit

Edaline may look like a delicate, grief-stricken flower, but she can wrangle a T-Rex with ease. Apart from that, Edaline Ruewen is very dedicated to her loved ones, and cares about them a lot. Before Jolie died, she and her husband, Grady, were very outgoing, since then, they have holed themselves up in their house, alone until Sophie came.


Grady is Edaline's husband. They comfort and support each other a lot after Jolie died. Grady has blond hair and blue eyes is a Mesmer and works for the council as an Emissary. He also is especially protective over Sophie when Keefe is around.

Sophie Foster lives with Edaline and Grady after living with humans. At first, they canceled her adoption, but later they reinstate it. Edaline loves Sophie and supports her decisions regarding the Black Swan.

  • JOLIE (daughter, deceased)

Jolie is Edaline's daughter who was murdered in a fire. Every year Grady and Edaline put a new charm on Jolie's charm bracelet when they visit her grave. Edaline used to sleep in Jolie's room after her death, a habit that Grady and her have worked to stop.

  • BRANT (would-be son-in-law, deceased)

Brant was Jolie's fiancé. Every year on the day that Jolie died Grady and Edaline go to visit Brant in his fireproof house after visiting Jolie's grave. Brant used Edaline and Grady and is actually the pyrokinetic who killed Jolie. Brant is part of the Neverseen. As of Book 5: Lodestar, Brant is dead because of Mr. Forkle.

Edaline is Juline Dizznee's (Dex's mother) sister. They seem to not be very close after the death of Jolie because Grady and Edaline isolated themselves after her death. In Book 5: Lodestar you find out that Juline is Squall.

Edaline and Grady are close to the Vacker family. It was Alden Vacker that first introduced Sophie into their lives.

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