“"Eckodons," Mr. Forkle corrected. "Though Miss Foster likely knows them as Nessie."”

Mr. Forkle, in Neverseen

Eckodons are aquatic dinosaurs that are first mentioned in Neverseen. They have long, hooked necks, slightly pointed noses, and long gills lining their cheeks. They can be a gray-green, gray-blue, or gray-purple, although there may be other unmentioned color variations. These plesiosaurs use sound vortexes to travel across oceans at rocket speeds. Eckodons are not vegetarian as they eat larvagorns, a dwarven delicacy that looks like the evil spawn of scorpions and maggots, according to Sophie. Most eckodons live undetected by humans in underwater caverns, except for the Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie, who the elves hope to catch and relocate. Mr. Forkle calls Nessie "trouble."

Mr. Forkle called eckodons to transport Sophie and her friends to Alluveterre when they first joined the Black Swan. Biana was the first person to approach her eckodon, as she mounted a purple-toned eckodon. Sophie rode a blue-toned eckodon, and Fitz was on a green-toned one. Dex and Keefe's shared eckodon (because Della was an unexpected passenger) was not described.

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