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E.L. Fudges are human cookies liked by Keefe, most likely because they are shaped like elves.

In the first book, Sophie's Mom brought her a pack of E.L Fudges the night Fitz had shown her the elvin world. In Legacy, Keefe begs Sophie for E.L Fudges after learning they are shaped like Elves. Sophie gets them for him when she is in London with Dex. He was disappointed at the taste but adored the names of the Elves. Keefe acknowledges that Elwood (The cookie) looks like him, Sophie agrees to say, "He has your smirk"


E.L. Fudges are chocolate-filled cookies shaped like elves. Most have the elves' names on the cookies, like, Ernie, Fast Eddie, Buckets, Elwood, and so on.

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