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“A brown, hairy creature with a pointed snout, bulbous nose, and squinty eyes pulled itself the rest of the way out of the ground and held up a flask that looked to be made from the same black crystal as the stone that had leaped them there.”

—Narration, in Exile

Dwarves are fuzzy brown creatures. They are one of the five intelligent creatures the elves have signed treaties with. They're rarely seen above ground because the light is far too bright for them, but their tunnelling skills are unmatchable. They can also sense magsidian, a very rare mineral they mine from the deepest recesses of the earth, which has many important properties. As of Flashback, there are 30 dwarves working for the Neverseen, and an unknown number of dwarves with the Black Swan.

Dwarves appear to be a rather rare species, with little over two hundred living dwarves.

The dwarven capital is Loamnore.

Leadership Edit

King Enki is the former leader of the dwarves, having been replaced by Nubiti as of Legacy. He represented the dwarves at the Peace Summit in Book 5, Lodestar. His crown is carved from a single piece of tredgeon carapace. King Enki is bald, as Edaline points out to Sophie in Lodestar at the peace summit, that the dwarves' culture requires their king to wax himself bare. "I've never really wanted to know why," Edaline said to Sophie.

In Legacy, King Enki made a deal with the Neverseen, resulting in his overthrow.

Known Dwarves

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