The Drooly Boys (led by Jensi, though he is not a drooly boy himself) are some of the first elves Sophie meets at Foxfire. They have greasy hair slicked back into unfashionable ponytails and they drool a lot. They use the word "dude" frequently and they refer to classes by the first letter of the session's name. (Example: Universe - the U) Marella said that sitting with them was "social suicide." It is known that a member- Valin- has a crush on Sophie (Sophie and Valin), which Keefe teases her relentlessy about. Sophie later gave him a bottle of Drooly Dew for midterms and a note that says 'Now you can be drooly too!'. It is stated that she was surprised when she finds Keefe has kept it.

Known Members[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

“If Jensi's friends were human, they would have been skinny, with acne and braces. Since they were elves, they were fairly good looking—or they could have been if they hadn't slicked their hair into greasy ponytails.”

—Narration, in Keeper of the Lost Cities
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