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Basic Information


The Dizznee family lives at Rimeshire and owns a shop in Mysterium called Slurps and Burps. They had an ongoing grudge against the Vacker family, as Dex implied when he complained about Fitz hanging out with Sophie. Later in Lodestar, the families were nicer to each other and Fitz and Dex became closer to friends. The family is frequently looked down on as they have triplets, which is highly uncommon in the Elvin world, and are seen as inferior to most Noble families. Furthermore, the parents are a bad match, which adds to the discrimination that he faces.

The Dizznee family lives at Rimeshire, in a beautiful house, bigger than Everglen, with blue and white colors. There are pretty ice statues that Juline made with her ability as a froster. Near Rimeshire, there is a beach where lots of kelpies come ashore.

Because Kesler and Juline were ruled a bad match from the Council, Juline was afraid to have children in case they turned out inferior. Her worries were eased when Dex manifested as a Technopath. In Lodestar, Dex, Sophie, Fitz and Biana find out that Juline is Squall. Squall is a member of The Collective and works with Mr. Forkle and the other members of the Collective.

Known Members[]


  • The father.
  • Talentless.
  • The youngest of 6 children.


Dexter Dizznee[]

Bex, Rex, Lex[]

  • Rex and Lex are the youngest boys and Bex is the only girl.
  • They are the younger siblings of Dex and known to create chaos in Rimeshire.
  • They are triplets.
  • Lex is a Froster
  • Bex is a Phaser
  • Rex hasn't manifested yet and is likely talentless
  • Attend Foxfire.
  • During the Opening Ceremonies of Dex and Sophie's 3rd Year they revealed thru a prank that Dex has a crush on Sophie
  • They like to play pranks on Dex.


Dizznee crest.png

The Dizznee family crest is a tree, made out of different alchemy tools.


“'We're at Disneyland.' 'I have my own land?'”

Sophie and Dex, in Keeper of the Lost Cities, page(s) 153, paperback


  • Dizznee sounds like Disney, which made Dex think he had his own land.
  • Kesler's brother gave him a Crystal Yeti Statue as a wedding present.
  • Kesler is the youngest of six siblings
  • Juline is Edaline's sister