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“Nothing makes me happier than ... Stina.”

Dex Dizznee, in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities, on page 150

Dex and Stina, or Dexina, is the romantic/friendship pairing of Dexter Dizznee and Stina Heks. Stina is constantly mean to Sophie in the earlier books and becomes nicer in the later books. This could be because she is jealous of Dex's crush on Sophie but becomes nicer after Sophie and Dex decide that they aren't right for one another. Stina and Dex play many pranks on one another, showing that they are very comfortable with one another. They have very strong emotions for one another (hate is just the flip-side of love). And who knows, maybe what appears to be hate could actually be love.

Other Names Edit

  • Stinex (Stin/a and D/ex)
  • Dexina (Dex/ and St/ina)
  • Dina (D/ex and St/ina)
  • Team Dizznee-Heks (Dex /Dizznee/ and Stina /Heks/)
  • Heks Dizznee (because Heks rhymes with Dex and Dex's last name is Dizznee)
  • Destina (De/x and /Stina)

Similarities Edit

  • Both have families with bad reputations (Dex's father is Talentless and his parents were a bad match and Stina's parents should have been a bad match and her father faked having an ability).
  • Both are elves.
  • Both attend Foxfire.
  • Both are the same age.
  • Both enjoy playing pranks on one another, showing that they are comfortable with one another.
  • Both have manifested an ability (Stina as an Empath and Dex as a Technopath).
  • Both have parents who are involved with the Black Swan.

Differences Edit

Moments Edit

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Keeper of the Lost Cities Edit

  • Stina very strongly dislikes Sophie. This could be because she is jealous that Dex likes Sophie. This is supported by the fact that Stina becomes less hostile to Sophie after the Dexphie ship sinks.
  • Dex and Stina are comfortable enough with each other to play pranks on one another
  • Dex creates an extra special and fast-working elixir to grow back Stina's hair so that she doesn't have to attend Foxfire bald (admittedly, Dex was the reason she lost her hair and he was forced to create the elixir, which also gave Stina a beard.)
  • Stina goes to the trouble of finding a muskog to put in Dex's locker (maybe it was meant as a kind gesture and Stina is just really bad at picking out presents. After all, Dex seems like the type of person who would love a pet muskog.)
  • Stina is nicer to Sophie in the later books, possibly because Dex is now far less likely to become Sophie's boyfriend.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile Edit

  • Dex notices that Stina looks scared of Sandor
  • Dex asks if Stina peed her pants, possibly because he was worried about her.
  • Dex tells Stina that he would hate for her to have exploding farts at the opening ceremonies.
  • Stina threatens to boot him to Exillium.
  • Dex curls his hands into fists as he hears Marella gossiping and talking derisively about Stina's family.
  • Dex wanders off looking upset as Marella keeps gossiping about Stina's family

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen Edit

  • Dex is the first to spot Stina in the crowd (page 525)
  • Dex tells Sophie not to look at her
  • Dex studies a humungous portrait of Stina
  • Stina tells Dex that he doesn't make sense
  • Stina tells Sophie that she hated her because she sided with Dex and she and Dex both seemed to be against Stina
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