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Dex and Stina, or Dexina, is the romantic/friendship pairing of Dexter Dizznee and Stina Heks.

Pairing Names Edit

  • Stinex (Stin/a and D/ex)
  • Dexina (Dex/ and St/ina)
  • Stex (St/Dex)
  • Dina (D/ex and St/ina)
  • Team Dizznee-Heks (Dex /Dizznee/ and Stina /Heks/)
  • Heks Dizznee (because Heks rhymes with Dex and Dex's last name is Dizznee)
  • Destina (De/x and /Stina)

Moments Edit

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Keeper of the Lost Cities Edit

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile Edit

  • Dex curls his hands into fists as he hears Marella gossiping and talking derisively about Stina’s family. He wanders off looking upset as Marella keeps gossiping.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen Edit

  • Dex is the first to spot Stina in the crowd (page 525)
  • Dex studies a humungous portrait of Stina.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Legacy Edit

  • Stina and Dex make fun of Sophie in a friendly way together.
  • When Stina falls into the mud, Dex laughs at her and says that the day might therefore be the greatest moment of his life.
  • Stina retaliates by dunking him in the mud which ensues a mud fight.
  • Stina lunges with Biana to hold up Dex as his knees buckle due to enhancing.
  • Dex and Stina are convinced together that their epic gadgets and fighting skills are what made their team win.

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