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Dex and Marella, or Darella, is the romantic/friendship pairing of Dexter Dizznee and Marella Redek.

Dex doesn't really show any interest in Marella. Marella says that Dex is cute, but doesn't show much further interest in him. It would make a good pair because Dex doesn't want to register to the matchmakers and Marella is going to be a bad match anyway unless she marries another Talentless.

Other Names Edit

Darella (D/ex and M/arella) Edit

  • Mex (M/arella and D/ex)
  • Max (Ma/rella and De/x)
  • Della (D/ex and Mar/ella)
  • Marex (Mar/ella and D/ex)

Moments Edit

Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities Edit

  • When Sophie tells Marella about Dex, she says that he's kind of cute.
  • Dex and Marella often sit at the same table during lunch.

Keeper of the Lost Cities Book 2 Edit

  • Marella claims that making Dex blush is one of her favorite games.

Keeper of the Lost Cities Book 3 Edit

Keeper of the Lost Cities Book 4 Edit

Similarities and Differences Edit

Similarities: Edit

  • They are both elves
  • They are both level four at Foxfire
  • They are both friends of Sophie
  • They both can hold grudges for a long time
  • They both have problems with their family that could cause other to tease them (Dex's parents are a Bad Match, Marella's mom has brain damage)
  • They both like collecting Prattles Pins
  • Each of their parents are not in the nobility.
  • They both have blue eyes

Differences: Edit

  • Dex has periwinkle eyes, while Marella's eyes are ice blue.
  • Marella has a crush on Fitz Vacker, while Dex strongly dislikes him (for the first three books).
  • Dex is a Technopath, while Marella is a Pyrokinetic.
  • Dex has strawberry blond hair, while Marella's hair is a normal blonde
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