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Dex and Marella, or Darella, is the romantic/friendship pairing of Dexter Alvin Dizznee and Marella Redek.

Pairing Names[]

  • Darella (D/ex and M/arella)
  • Dexella (Dex/ and Mar/ella)
  • Mex (M/arella and D/ex)
  • Max (Ma/rella and De/x)
  • Della (D/ex and Mar/ella)
  • Marex (Mar/ella an D/ex)
  • Marellex (Marell/a and D/ex)
  • Madexa (Ma/rell/a and Dex)
  • Dexarella (Dex and M/arella)


Keeper of the Lost Cities[]

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile[]

  • Marella claims that making Dex blush is one of her favorite games.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Lodestar

  • When talking to Sophie, Stina mentioned that Dex had pulled Marella aside at the start of the lesson and they have been talking ever since. Later Sophie could have sworn she saw Marella crying.
  • The next day, as promised, Biana gave Sophie an update on Marella. According to Biana, Dex had asked Marella if they could talk about her Mom, and she freaked out. She told Dex that her Mom has been in a bad mood lately and she won't even leave the house. Dex confirmed that she was crying.

Similarities and Differences[]


  • They are both elves.
  • They are both level four at Foxfire.
  • They are both friends of Sophie.
  • They both can hold grudges for a long time.
  • They both have problems with their parents that could cause others to bully them (Dex's parents are a Bad Match, Marella's mom has brain damage).
  • They both like collecting Prattles Pins.
  • Each of their parents are not in the nobility.
  • They both have blue eyes.
  • They both are ignored while they want to help Sophie at some period of time.
  • They both have hair that is a shade of blond.
  • Both dislike Stina Heks.


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