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Dex and Marella, or Darella, is the romantic/friendship pairing of Dexter Dizznee and Marella Redek.

Pairing Names Edit

  • Darella (D/ex and M/arella)
  • Dexella (Dex/ and Mar/ella)
  • Mex (M/arella and D/ex)
  • Max (Ma/rella and De/x)
  • Della (D/ex and Mar/ella)
  • Marex (Mar/ella an D/ex)
  • Marellex (Marell/a and D/ex)
  • Madexa (Ma/rell/a and Dex)

Moments Edit

Keeper of the Lost Cities Edit

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile Edit

  • Marella claims that making Dex blush is one of her favorite games.

Similarities and Differences Edit

Similarities: Edit

  • They are both elves.
  • They are both level four at Foxfire.
  • They are both friends of Sophie.
  • They both can hold grudges for a long time.
  • They both have problems with their parents that could cause others to bully them (Dex's parents are a Bad Match, Marella's mom has brain damage).
  • They both like collecting Prattles Pins.
  • Each of their parents are not in the nobility.
  • They both have blue eyes.
  • They both are ignored while they want to help Sophie at some period of time.
  • They both have hair that is a shade of blond.

Differences: Edit

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