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Linx is the romantic/friendship pairing between Dex Dizznee and Linh Song.

Pairing Names Edit

  • Linx (Lin/h and De/x)
  • Denh (De/x and Li/nh)
  • Dinh (D/ex and L/inh

Moments Edit

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen Edit

  1. Dex, as well as Fitz stare at Linh in amazement when they are first introduced to her. Dex is possibly interested in her.
  2. Dex says "Wow" every time Linh does a water trick throughout the book.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Nightfall Edit

  1. Dex is amazed at Linh yet again for collecting water from the air and splashing Tam in the face.
  2. Linh pulls out a chair for Dex after he collapses from Sophie's enhancing.
  3. Linh is having to walk up a narrow staircase while wearing heels, and Dex puts his hands on her shoulders to steady her.
  4. Tam jokes, “You getting handsy with my sister, Dizznee?” and Dex jerks away from Linh.

Similarities and Differences Edit

Similarities Edit

  • They are both elves.
  • They both have attended Exillium at one point.
  • They both have made mistakes in the past that they regret.
  • They both would have had the same social problems due to their families having multiple births.
  • They both work with the Black Swan.
  • They are both friends with Sophie.
  • They both have at least one sibling.
  • They are both only on one KotLC cover.

Differences Edit

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