Detention is the common punishment for breaking rules on Foxfire, at least during the time that Dame Alina was the Principal. Any mentor can assign a prodigy to detention, and it can be given for just one day, or for several weeks or more.

The detention session takes place during lunch in the Detention Hall, which is in the glass pyramid one floor below the principal's office. The Detention Hall is very gloomy because it has a low ceiling and the windows block most of the light.

The detention session for each day is led by one of the mentors who was assigned to it, though not all mentors are happy to get that task. The mentor who leads the detention gives the prodigies a task, which is usually an unpleasant one in order to make them to hesitate before breaking rules again.

Keefe Sencen has a notable record of detentions, which even appear on his official file in the Elvin classified registry. Sophie Foster was in detention in quite a few opportunities too.

Known mentors and their punishments of choice[edit | edit source]

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