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Della and Livvy is the friendship/romantic pairing of Della Adara Vacker and Livvy Sonden.



  • Whenever Fitz, Alden, and Quinlin were searching for Sophie, Livvy would spend time with Biana and Della.

Book 4: Neverseen[]

  • Della stays with Fitz while Livvy heals him, despite Livvy warning her that it could get messy.
  • Della and Livvy work together to help Fitz recover, with Della giving him the medicine Livvy left daily.

Book 6: Nightfall[]

  • Livvy and Quinlin would have gotten a Match Fail (divorce) if not for the social stigma that came with it, which signifies that Livvy is possibly interested in dating girls instead.
  • Della and Livvy both attend Mr. Forkle's planting.

Book 7: Flashback[]

Similarities and Differences:[]


  • They are both Black Swan members
  • They are both female elves
  • Both of their husbands (Alden and Quinlin) were part of the search for Sophie in the Forbidden Cities, while Della and Livvy were both kept in the dark about the search
  • Their husbands were Cognates
  • They both have knowledge of Elvin medicine: Livvy is a physician and Della knows how to treat minor injuries.
  • They both have treated Sophie's injuries before
  • They both care about Sophie and her friends
  • Both have husbands.


  • Della is a Vanisher, while Livvy's special ability (or lack thereof) is unknown.
  • Della is an Emissary, while we don't know whether Livvy is a member of the nobility or not
  • Della has children, while Livvy does not
  • Livvy is a physician, while Della is not.