Della Adara Vacker is a member of the Vacker family. She is the mother of Alvar, Fitz and Biana and the wife of Alden. 

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Della has cobalt blue eyes and perfect heart-shaped lips. She also has long, chocolate brown hair. She is noted by Sophie to be flawless and beautiful to an unreal extent. Della holds a striking resemblance to her daughter, Biana.

Books[edit | edit source]

Exile[edit | edit source]

In Exile, Della spent a lot of time caring for Alden after his mind broke. She did things she knew he liked, such as singing, hoping that it would bring him back. She was one of the only Vackers who did not blame Sophie for the mind break. When Fitz tried to enter Alden’s mind, Della fainted. Della’s fashion sense also changed a bit during the two weeks Alden was gone. When Sophie arrives at Everglen to heal Alden, she hugs Sophie and thank her.

Neverseen[edit | edit source]

In Book 4: Neverseen, Della proves herself to be much more than a fashion-loving mother. She stows away with Sophie and her friends when they go to join the Black Swan by remaining vanished. She is only discovered when Biana asks for another device that helps with breathing underwater, which makes Mr. Forkle, Fitz, Sophie, and Keefe suspicious because she only needed one herself. Biana, who was the only person Della told about her plan besides Alden, wasn’t able to hide Della from Mr. Forkle’s telepathy. He read Biana's mind and learned about Della. However, Della still insisted on joining the Black Swan and convinced Mr. Forkle that she would be very helpful, by easily knocking him down in heels and proving that she could walk through water without creating ripples or getting wet. Della is a very powerful Vanisher and can move swiftly. She is very tough and not afraid to fight for what is right, and she always fights for her loved ones.

Della also mentions in Neverseen that she once walked among humans, and her reception was less than friendly.

Nightfall[edit | edit source]

In Nightfall, Della joins Edaline Ruewen and Juline Dizznee to make a team, protecting Wylie as he "makes a deal with the Neverseen." She proves that she is powerful by tricking Ro, and is able to hold a dagger to her spine in less than a few seconds by vanishing and attacking.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Della is married to Alden. He was the #1 recommendation on her match list, and she was his #201 recommendation. Their relationship is steady and they have stayed together even after Dame Alina tried to break them up. She loves and cares for him deeply. In Exile, she is extremely upset when Alden's mind breaks but tries to stay strong for her children. She was obsessed over trying to bring him back by doing things that he likes.

Fitz is the second oldest child of Della. She loves him and is concerned for him. When Fitz tried to get into Alden's broken mind, Della fainted, because she was afraid for her son. She was also happy when Sophie and Fitz got together as a couple.

Like her mother and oldest brother, Biana is a Vanisher. Biana is said to look a lot like her mother, and both of them share a love of fashion. They have a close relationship. When Biana was injured in Nightfall, Biana decided to stay in an extra day. Della stayed with her, because she wanted to ensure her daughter's recovery.

Alvar is the oldest child of Della and like his mother and younger sister, is a Vanisher. When Alvar comes for dinner, Della immediately sets a place for him. She is horrified that he has three girlfriends. Della also cried for weeks when Alvar was discovered to be a Neverseen member. Aside from this, Alvar is her only child that has her cobalt eyes, instead of Alden's teal ones.


Keefe goes to Everglen a lot and is like a son to Della. She cares deeply about him like she does for her own children.

Della cares for Sophie like a daughter and together with Alden, they decided to see if they could adopt her in Keeper of the Lost Cities. Before Grady and Edaline decided to withdraw their request to deny Sophie's adoption, Della was very open to letting Sophie stay with them. She has also been one of Sophie's only supporters earlier in the series. In Exile, Della is of the only Vackers who didn’t shut Sophie out when Alden’s mind broke.

Edaline and Della help each other stay strong numerous times, especially through sad events that take place throughout their lives.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Della is a very powerful Vanisher.
  • She tried to bring Alden back when he was broken in book two by touching everything Alden did.
  • She has studied music with dwarves.
  • She is the only member of the Vacker family that was not physically injured by the Neverseen at some point in the series.
  • The name 'Della' means "Bright", "Noble" and “Smart”. Shannon Messenger mentioned on Goodreads that Della's name is a nickname for the full name Radelle, which means "counselor to the elves."
  • Her middle name "Adara" means "Beauty," and "Noble".

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