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Basic Information

Current Members
Prentice EndalWylie Zoran Endal

Former Members
Cyrah Endal

Cyrah Endal (Pronounced SI- RA END-all) was Prentice Endal's wife and Wylie Endal's mother.

After a light leaping incident, Cyrah faded, leaving Wylie an orphan, because Prentice, Wylie’s dad, was in Exile.



Cyrah had a booth selling hair accessories, combs, and jewelry in Mysterium. It was mentioned in the books that Cyrah used to have a boutique, in Atlantis but moved to Mysterium because a lot of elves did not want to support a criminal's wife after Prentice had been arrested for so-called "crimes". Biana once mentioned that Alden had bought her an accessory from Cyrah's booth to try and help her business after feeling guilty about Prentice, Tiergan later quotes ‘as if buying hair clips was going to make up for destroying her family’.

Book 5: Lodestar[]

In Lodestar, we learn that Cyrah died because she was distracted right before the light leap, throwing off her concentration. Gethen and Fintan purposefully distracted her before she leaped, which makes it a murder. When she was found after light leaping she had faded beyond repair and faded away.

Book 6: Nightfall[]

In Nightfall, it was discovered that Fintan had planned her death while Gethen did the dirty work with a distraction purposefully because she was asking too many questions about the client, Lady Gisela. The only known witnesses were Gethen, Keefe, and Caprise Redek.

Cyrah's connection to the Neverseen was by making starstones, as revealed in Lodestar by Gethen. She was the maker of Lady Gisela's hairpin that flashed blue teleporting to the abandoned Nightfall they thought Sophie’s parents where in.

Book 7: Flashback[]

In Flashback, it's revealed that Wylie has gaps in his memory that Fintan claims are related to what she hid from the Neverseen. He says that she was no fool and she knew anything she told Wylie would put him in danger, but she also didn't want the information to be lost if she crossed the Neverseen and died. One theory was that she had someone plant information in Wylie's mind as a failsafe.


She has a tree in the Wanderling Woods that Sophie says it has violet/blue flowers and reddish leaves due to the fact that she had violet/blue eyes and red hair.

“Cyrah's tree looked like a weeping willow- if weeping willows had red leaves and bloomed with thousands of tiny purple flowers.”

—Narration, in Book 2: Exile


Wylie Endal[]

  • Son

Wylie Endal was her only son. They were said to have similar a similar eye color. Wylie gets his ability from Cyrah, who is a Flasher. During Lodestar, Wylie was attacked by the Neverseen for information about his mother. The Neverseen kidnapped Wylie because as it says in Nightfall, "Fintan's convinced that Cyrah took so long to make the starstones-and messed up the final stone- for a reason. He believes that people who are forced to do things under duress always find a means to rebel." Fintan also believes that Cyrah knew Wylie was in danger because of her suspected rebellion and passed along a warning to him or gave him the missing starstone.

Prentice Endal[]

  • Husband

Prentice was Cyrah's husband who had his memory broken a short while before Cyrah's death. They both deeply loved each other; Prentice almost broke during his healing when he learned that she was dead. When Sophie entered Prentice’s mind to heal him, his form developed into Cyrah, showing how much he loved her.

Tiergan Alenefar[]

  • Adoptive father of Wylie

Tiergan took care of Wylie after Cyrah faded and Prentice's mind was broken.

Lady Gisela[]

  • Client/Enemy

Lady Gisela was the client in which Cyrah sold starstones to. She blackmailed Cyrah to make the starstones, but Gethen ended up killing Cyrah on orders from Fintan. The starstones were for various Neverseen hideouts and other places, including Lady Gisela's Nightfall and her bedroom in Candleshade.


Cyrah Endal was a Flasher. She is also noted to be able to create starstones that flash blue instead of green, which is possibly due to her being remarkably skilled at her ability.


  • Cyrah means "throne" or "sun" in Persian.


“Cyrah had been a Flasher, and Lady Gisela had blackmailed her into making special starstones—and then Fintan had Cyrah killed in order to make sure she couldn't tell anyone.”

—Narration, in Flashback

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