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“Cyrah had been a Flasher, and Lady Gisela had blackmailed her into making special starstones—and then Fintan had Cyrah killed in order to make sure she couldn't tell anyone.”

—Narration, in Flashback

Cyrah Endal was Prentice Endal's wife. They had a son named Wylie Endal. Cyrah faded away after Prentice's mind was broken, after a light leaping incident, leaving Wylie an orphan. She has a tree in the Wanderling Woods that Sophie says looks like "a weeping willow-if weeping willows had red leaves and bloomed with thousands of tiny purple flowers." It has violet/blue flowers and reddish leaves due to the fact that she had violet/blue eyes and red hair.

Cyrah had a booth selling hair accessories and jewelry in Mysterium. It was mentioned in the books that Cyrah used to have a boutique, but lots of elves did not want to support a criminal's wife. Biana once mentioned that Alden had bought her an accessory from Cyrah's booth.

In Lodestar, it shows that she was distracted right before the light leap, throwing off her concentration, and making the distraction a murder. When she is found after light leaping she is gone beyond anyone's repair and faded away.

In Nightfall, it was discovered that Fintan had planned her death while Gethen did the dirty work with a distraction purposefully because she was asking too many questions about the client, Lady Gisela.

Cyrah's connection to the Neverseen was starstones, as revealed in Lodestar by Gethen. She was the maker of Lady Gisela's hairpin that flashed blue.

In Flashback, it is revealed that Wylie has gaps in his memory that Fintan claims are related to what she hid from the Neverseen. He says that she was no fool and she knew anything she told Wylie would put him in danger, but she also didn't want the information to be lost if she crossed the Neverseen and died.

Relationships Edit

Wylie Endal was her only son. They were said to have similar a similar eye color. Wylie gets his ability from Cyrah which is a flasher. During Lodestar, Wylie was attacked by the Neverseen for information about his mother. It is unknown why the Neverseen wanted to know about Cyrah's death since they presumably caused it.

Prentice was Cyrah's husband who had a mental break a short while ago before Cyrah's death.

Tiergan took care of Wylie after he was orphaned.

Lady Gisela was the client in which Cyrah sold Starstones to. She blackmailed Cyrah to make her said Starstones, but then Gethen ended up killing her with orders from Fintan. The Starstones were for various Neverseen hideouts and other things, including Lady Gisela's Nightfall and her bedroom in Candleshade.

Abilities Edit

Cyrah Endal was a Flasher. She is also noted to be able to create Starstones that flash blue instead of green.