Curdleroots are a type of Elvin vegetable, from which ogres make an extremely potent poison. In attempt to create an antidote, Lady Cadence makes use of the prodigies in detention, by having them take off the skin of the roots, which peels into large slimy strips. Despite the fact that it looks like a round brown potato, it is squishy like a rotten tomato. It can be noted that the scent is described to be worse than the scenario of millions of skunks spraying a mountain of poop, and that Sophie would rather smell full-time Iggy and Silveny breath. The odor is shown to last on those who were around it, and according to Sophie, it took three showers to get the stench out of her hair.It is said that Sophie would rather roll around in a mountain of poop sprayed by millions of skunks than roll in them.

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