Crush Cuffs are cloth bracelets given by admirers to their crush with the admirer's names embroidered on them. If the admirer's crush returns the love, he or she wears the bracelet to show everyone. They are made from fabric and come in multiple colors, the known colors being black and periwinkle. According to Dex, people never take them off. People wear them before they register as a way of asking the Matchmakers to pair them, although this does not actually influence their decision.

Known People With Crush Cuffs[edit | edit source]

  • SOPHIE - Sophie received a crush cuff from Dex, who got them for Sophie’s first midterms. He was too nervous to give it. He finally gave it in Nightfall, but after Sophie kisses him, they agree to just stay friends. Dex ends up making ability enhancing cuffs out of these, enhancing Sophie's Enhancing
  • FITZ - Fitz receives tons of crush cuffs every year during midterms from girls who admire his attractiveness. Once he also offered to get Sophie crush cuffs, in the seventh book, Flashback.
  • KEEFE - Keefe, like Fitz, is very popular and gets countless crush cuffs every year from girls during midterms.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

“He reached into his cape pocket and pulled out two thick, black wristbands made of soft fabric with silver snaps and big silver embroidered words-which made Sophie choke.”

—Narration, in Nightfall
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