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The Lost Cities are governed by twelve Councillors. This Council is in charge of creating laws and determining the punishments for breaking them. Tribunals are held to find whether an elf accused of a crime is guilty or not, the final outcome of which is also determined by the Council. They work in a large domed building with green stone walls in Eternalia. All of the Councillors have goblin bodyguards and wear jewel-encrusted circlets and silver capes; Sophie mentions that they make human royalty look silly and inferior. Each of the Councillors swear to protect their cache, which holds forgotten secrets, with their life. Elves of a lower status usually bow or curtsy whenever they approach a Councillor, though few Councillors demand this courtesy. Councillors may not marry because they need to put the good of the world before love and family. Councillors are addressed as "Councillor" followed by their names.

There also exists the concept of a Senior Councillor. In the first book, when Sophie is being judged to see if she is ready for Foxfire, Bronte chooses to "invoke [his] right as a Senior Councillor to demand a probe."[1] However, this concept is rarely brought up in the rest of the series.

Current Councillors[edit | edit source]

Alina: Alina was previously the principal of Foxfire before being elected to the Council in Everblaze to replace Councillor Kenric. Alina is a Beguiler, an ability that enables an elf to persuade another with their voice. She previously dated Alden Vacker and even attempted to stop Alden and Della's wedding. She was not a supporter of Sophie when she joined the Council, but her opinion seems to be changing as of Legacy.

Bronte: Bronte is an Inflictor in charge of mentoring Sophie in her ability at Foxfire, being the only other elf capable of inflicting. He is an Ancient, an elder member of the Council; as such, his ears are pointed. In the first few books, he is almost always in a bad mood and seems to despise Sophie. Sophie mentions that he is her least favorite Councillor. After the majority of the Council turns against Sophie, however, he changes sides and becomes one of the few that support her. Though Sophie suspected that he was her biological father, this is disproved in Legacy.

Clarette: Clarette has long black hair to her waist and bronze skin. She is a very powerful Polyglot - the most powerful one in the Elvin world - as well as a Flasher. She can use her talent to command animals and can mimic languages and accents. She was the Councillor that controlled the Arthropleura that injured Fitz in Neverseen.

Darek: As of Lodestar, he has the most powerful telekinesis out of all the Councillors. He demonstrates this when he lifts a tarp to show the elves that skills are just as important as abilities. His ability is a Phaser.

Emery: Emery has shoulder-length black hair, dark brown skin, and sapphire blue eyes. He is a Telepath and mediates the Councillors' communications telepathically during a tribunal. He presents the Council's united front and is said to have an air of power that demands attention without even trying. He has mixed feelings about Sophie.

Liora: Liora has bronze skin and is a Conjurer, as mentioned in Everblaze. She conjured up the stellarscopes in Everblaze for Sophie and Fitz to use to catch the quintessince to stop the Everblaze. She also conjured up the meals during the summit at Lumenaria. She is the second longest serving Councillor, after Bronte.

Noland: Noland has black hair that he wears in a ponytail and very thick, sculpted eyebrows. He is a Vociferator, an elf that can manipulate their voice; because of this, he tends to speak very quietly when not using his Ability.

Oralie: Oralie has blond hair and looks like a fairy princess. She is an Empath, and often sides with Sophie. She loved Kenric and was devastated after his death in Everblaze. Because of her relationship with Kenric, Fallon advised her strongly to resign, which she declined. She was one of the Councillors who were firmly against Sophie wearing the ability restricting circlet and she is always on Sophie's side. In Neverseen, Oralie gives Kenric's cache to Sophie. She then continues to help Sophie with various different things. In Legacy, it is revealed that Oralie is Sophie's biological mother. At the end of Legacy, Oralie offers to open her cache, as she believes it contains a Forgotten Secret that might save Keefe.  In Unlocked it is revealed in the Forgotten Secret a new concept called "Elysian", that Kenric knew Oralie was part of Project Moonlark, and that Kenric and Oralie were in love.

Ramira: She has short, natural black hair and dark brown skin. She is one of Wylie Endal's Councillor contacts for Team Valiant and she is a Vanisher. Her cache has the most secrets.

Terik: Terik has wavy brown hair and cobalt blue eyes. He is one of Sophie’s supporters, and helps her the most in Exile and Everblaze. Terik is a Descryer, a special ability that allows him to sense potential. He finds it a burden to be the only Descryer because parents always ask him to descry their children, who may have a lower chance of living up to their potential when they know what it is. In Lodestar, his leg was injured during the collapse of Lumenaria, then later amputated and replaced with a mechanical limb.

Velia: Velia has long, straight black hair and blue eyes. She is good with maps and not the type to ask questions, as mentioned by Councillor Oralie. She is a Guster.

Zarina: Zarina has bronze skin and long white-blond hair, usually kept in a singluar braid. She is a Charger, which allows her to control electronics and power. In Neverseen, she accidentally created the explosion that almost killed Fitz. She considered resignation not long after being elected. No one except her fellow Councillors know why.

Jewelled Circlets[edit | edit source]

Each Councillor chooses their own jewel to put on their circlet.

Alina: Her jewel is the peridot, a green gem.

Emery: His jewel is the sapphire, a blue gem, which is the same color as Fallon Vacker's jewel.

Kenric: (Councillor until deceased) The jewel on his circlet was amber.

Fintan: (Former Councillor) His jewel was the ruby.

Terik: His jewel is the emerald.

Darek: His jewel is a ruby, the same as Fintan.

Bronte: His jewel is onyx, a black gem.

Clarette: Her jewel is turquoise.

Liora: Her jewel is pearl.

Noland: His jewel is tanzanite.

Oralie: Her jewel is pink tourmaline.

Ramira: Her jewel is diamond.

Velia: Her jewel is amethyst.

Zarina: Her jewel is opal.

Known Previous Councillors[edit | edit source]

Kenric: Kenric was a stocky redhead with a large, toothy smile. He was clearly in love with Oralie, who also had affection to him. He died at Fintan's healing while saving Sophie, Fitz, Alden, Tiergan, Terik, and Oralie as Everblaze consumed the building. At the beginning of Neverseen, Oralie gives Sophie his cache, as instructed before he died. His full name was Kenric Elgar Fathdon.

Fintan: Resigned from the Council after Pyrokinetics were forbidden, and became one of the Neverseen's leaders before he was captured.

Fallon Vacker: Alvar, Fitz, and Biana's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. Part of the first three original Councillors. He resigned to get married.

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