“"You'd be surprised at how powerful hope can be, Sophie."”

—Councillor Terik, in Exile

Terik is a member of the Council. He has been friendly to Sophie and her friends at times, although at other times Sophie has wondered if he is evil. He often claims that he was very similar to Keefe when he was younger.

Job Edit

Terik serves on the Council. He is the only current known Descryer in the Elvin world. His ability allows him to sense another's potential. He sees it as a great burden because parents often want to know their children's potential, but children sometimes do not live up to it. He descryed Sophie in Book One and said that her potential was "interesting".

Appearance Edit

Councillor Terik has wavy brown hair and cobalt blue eyes. At the end of Lodestar, Terik is said to need a prosthetic leg after the collapse of the castle. Oralie later confirms this by telling Sophie and her friends that "he wants it to be like his real leg". As of Flashback, Terik has a custom-made prosthetic leg made from a team of technopaths, as they were unable to regrow his limb. It was said that he had trouble adjusting to his new piece, as he wobbled with most steps and uses a silver cane to help him walk. It is stated in Flashback, Chapter 2, that he has pale skin which doesn't show any scars. It can be noted that the leg which was amputated was his left leg, as it is described in Flashback that his left leg was much stiffer and slower while his right leg moved smoothly.