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Kenric Elgar Fathdon was a Telepath on the council, like Councillor Emery. He was romantically interested in Councillor Oralie, but unfortunately, Councillors are not allowed to have a spouse or children. Like Bronte, Kenric often walked around Mysterium with the working class. During the healing of Fintan's mind by Sophie, Fintan calls down Everblaze and burns much of Eternalia. Kenric saves Sophie, Fitz, Tiergan, Alden, and Oralie from the fire only to be killed himself. His tree in the Wandering Woods has red leaves the color of his hair. Once Sophie joins the Black Swan, she receives Kenric's cache and later suspects that he was her biological father which has been denied by Mr. Forkle in Nightfall.


Kenric is built like a football player, has wild red hair, and a large smile.


Councillor Kenric seemed to be very much in love with Councillor Oralie. (He kept staring at her and is mentioned to have asked her to dance many times at a party before his death in Everblaze).

Fan Theories

Kenric was/is part of the Black Swan - At one point, Mr. Forkle stated that Kenric was not part of Project Moonlark but seemed to be hinting that he had done something else for the Black Swan.

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