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Kenric was a Telepath on the council, like Councillor Emery. He was romantically interested in Councillor Oralie, but unfortunately, Councillors are not allowed to have a spouse or children. Like Bronte, he often walked around Mysterium with the working class. In Book 3: Everblaze, during the healing of Fintan's mind by Sophie, Fintan called down Everblaze and burned much of Eternalia. Kenric saved Sophie, Fitz, Tiergan, Alden, Terik, and Oralie from the fire only to be killed himself. His tree in the Wandering Woods has red leaves the color of his hair. In Book 4: Neverseen, Oralie gives Sophie Kenric's cache. Sophie suspected that Kenric was her biological father, which was denied by Mr. Forkle in Book 5: Lodestar. In Book 8.5: Unlocked, they open Oralie's cache, revealing a memory Kenric had washed. Sophie learns that he was one of the best Washers, that it was often his job to wash the minds of the other Washers. They also learn that Kenric was in two memories Oralie can't remember. When Kenric went to interrogate Fintan with Oralie about Stellarlune and when Oralie woke up in her room with Kenric and an another person she can't remember. Kenric also knew about Oralie's involvement with Project Moonlark, and stayed on the Council to help support Oralie. He also slips and mentions something called Elysian, a new concept introduced in Unlocked.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kenric was built like a football player, had wild red hair, and a large toothy smile. He was also very friendly and one of the most optimistic Councillors. Sophie has said that Kenric also has broad shoulders, and a warm smile.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Kenric and Oralie were close friends, and Kenric was shown to been in love with Oralie throughout the series. He even tried to persuade Oralie to step down from being a Councillor to marry him, as Councillors are not allowed to have romantic relationships. However, Oralie refused so that Sophie would have allies on the council.

Fan Theories[edit | edit source]

Kenric was part of the Black Swan—At one point, Mr. Forkle stated that Kenric was not part of Project Moonlark but seemed to be hinting that he had done something else for the Black Swan.

Kenric survived the Everblaze—No body was found at Oblivmyre, and Fintan could have saved Kenric and kept him prisoner as a potential bargaining chip to force the Council's hand if the need ever arose. Kenric could have also jumped out of the way and out another window of the Amethyst Tower.

Kenric is being held captive by the NeverseenAgain, no body was found at Oblivmyre, and if Fintan disappeared and ended up surviving, he could have taken Kenric with him and held him captive all this time.

Kenric is somehow important in Unlocked/Book 9-----In an Unlocked preview released by Shannon Messenger, Sophie and Councillor Oralie open her cache and discuss Kenric. They will also most likely open his cache in Book 9.

Kenric is a Neverseen member - If Kenric was part of the Neverseen, that would explain why he tried to know everything about Oralie's connection to the Black Swan, and why he was so interested in Sophie. Maybe Fintan killed Kenric because he failed an assignment, or maybe he saved Kenric from the Everblaze but kept him hidden and Kenric is a full-time Neverseen member now. But I really just post these for the fun of it and I really don't believe anything I type, just a warning.

Kenric is hiding from Sophie for her protection - Kenric is hiding from Sophie for her protection because he knows that if he comes back, something could happen to Sophie.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In an interview that came out shortly after the release of Book 5, Shannon Messenger implied that Kenric is dead.
  • The password to Oralie's cache is Kenric's last name, Fathdon.
  • His nickname for Oralie was Ora.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "He believed in you," Oralie said, tracing a soft finger down Sophie's cheek. "He told me you were the spark of change our world needed." - Oralie talking about Kenric to Sophie, in Neverseen
  • "You two certainly know how to give someone a heart attack," Kenric said, laughing as he nudged Alden. "And I'm pretty sure you made this guys squeal." - Kenric, in Everblaze
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