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“It takes a special person to be able to see the darkness in someone and not condemn them.”

—Councillor Bronte, in Everblaze

Appearance Edit

Councillor Bronte has cropped brown hair. He also has sharp features. He has grayish-blue eyes and pointy ears because he is over 5,000 and an Ancient.

Job Edit

Bronte is one of the twelve Councillors. He also has the job of mentoring Sophie in Inflicting because he is the only Inflictor besides her. He believes that the Council needs to work and understand the general public because they are currently too detached—a view Councillor Kenric and Councillor Oralie also shared. Bronte often walks among the people in the working-class cities of the Ancients, meaning he believes everyone is equal and to work and understand the Elvin world.

Personality Edit

Bronte is very grumpy. (This is later on revealed to be in part because of his ability.) It may also have to do with being an Ancient. Earlier on in the series, Bronte very much dislikes Sophie. He ignored the evidence that she existed, so when she was found to exist after Alden had searched, Bronte was furious and voted against her admission to Foxfire. However, as the series progresses, it seems like Bronte is not so anti-Sophie after all, and becomes one of her very few supporters on the Council. In Nightfall, the book, this becomes so much that Sophie thinks that someone kidnapped Councillor Bronte and replaced him with someone else because of this. His mind is described as icy in comparison to Fitz's, as it feels like an icy gust. This reflects his personality.

Sophie also tried to inflict positive emotions on Bronte, and Bronte actually needed dark emotions to stop having positive emotions. The positive inflicting nearly gave Bronte- in Sophie's words- a "weird mental shutdown".

He advises Fallon in Flashback to keep himself fully in the present to help with the struggle Ancients have of separating the past from the present. Bronte struggles with this as well.

In Book 8: Legacy, Bronte becomes one of Sophie's Councillor contacts for Team Valiant, along with Councillor Oralie. It is revealed that he is not Sophie's biological father, despite them both being Inflictors. When they were alone Bronte said that he would be proud if they were related.

Involvement Edit

Book 1: When Sophie was trying for a position in Foxfire, she used her telekinisis to lift cups, and Bronte scoffed at this, so the Sophie lifted the Councilers' chairs, and Bronte fell out of his. He voted against her attending Foxfire but was overuled.

Exile Book 2: When Sophie had to take care of Silveny, the councillers came to check on her progress and Bronte said, "...this is who we trust..." because Sophie was covered in Alicorn poop. At the end of the book after Sophie came back from the Black Swan's hideout to get her abilities healed Bronte suggests that Sophie should be exiled. But Sophie says she could make a spectacle and Bronte says, "Why would we need your spectacle when we're quite capable of making our own?"

Everblaze Book 3: Sophie had to inflict positive emotions on Bronte, but he had some sort of mental shutdown and Sophie helped him by inflicting negative emotions. Bronte was there when Fintan called Everblaze, and he was not the councillor that teleported with Sophie.

Neverseen Book 4: Bronte wasn't mentioned too much in Neverseen, he was there when Sophie and the Black Swan attemted to break pretance out of Exile. He was also there when they put the ability restrictor on Sophie.

Lodestar: Bronte was there when they came back riding Greyfall and Silveny.

Nightfall Book 6: Councillor Bronte became one of her supporters. After saving Atlantis the Council offered that Linh and Tam go to Foxfire.

Flashback: Bronte was at Alvar's tribunal and reminded Fallon Vacker to stay in the present.

Legacy: Bronte was there when the council showed Team Valiant the Pure Point and he and Oralie were Sophie's councillers. Sophie thought Bronte was her biological father but later she found out he wasn't, but Bronte told her he would have been proud if they were related.

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