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Dame Alina (now Councillor Alina) was the former principal of Foxfire, who read announcements during orientation.


She has porcelain skin, fragile features, and dark brown hair with caramel-colored highlights.



During Alden and Della Vacker's wedding, she interrupted and tried to convince Alden to marry her, but ended up getting rejected. It is said she had never fully gotten over Alden after they had dated a while back.

Book 3: Everblaze[]

She was selected to be a Councillor after Councillor Kenric died.

Book 4: Neverseen[]

In Neverseen, Sophie thinks she might have used her talent as a Beguiler to hurt Prentice because he was unconscious and wouldn't wake up. This was later confirmed because of soporidine.

From Principal to Councillor[]

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Dame Alina was the principal of Foxfire from Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities to midway through Book 3: Everblaze. After Councillor Kenric's death, she replaced him, leading to Master Leto becoming principal and being called Magnate Leto. Councillor Alina is quick to show her opinion and be in charge and let everyone know it. She supported Sophie while she was the principal of Foxfire, but turned against Sophie with the Ability Restrictor. Currently, her feelings towards Sophie are similar to that of the majority of the Councillors, strongly disliking, but not entirely hating Sophie Foster and her friends.

Councillor Alina's jewel on her circlet is peridot. She chose it to symbolize that the position she has earned was given to her because of a tragedy and she wants to remember that.


  • "Foxfire is about more than just a top-notch education. It's about helping our youth find their place in this world. Discovering where they belong. And it is our goal that by the time they complete their studies, they're not only ready to handle whatever life throws at them—but to truly know who they are." -Dame Alina (278 Exile)
  • "None have captured my beauty properly." (About an official portrait.) Stated in Unlocked.


Alden Dedrick Vacker[]

Alina has a crush on Alden, but Alden doesn't return her feelings. In fact, he is "slightly" terrified of her. She attempted to stop the wedding between him and Della but did not succeed, as Alden rejected her multiple times, and even multiple times before the wedding.

Keefe Sencen[]

  • Former Student

Keefe Sencen was the worst prankster in Foxfire. When Keefe started pranking at Foxfire, Alina would constantly give out detentions. However, she began to sympathize him after meeting Lord Cassius and Lady Gisela Sencen, Keefe's parents. Alina saw how up tight and mean they were to Keefe and began to understand why he pranked, which was to have a release from his parents. She wrote this in Keefe's detention file, "The Sencens are the worse. In fact, I think that's why Keefe is giving me so many headaches. I suspect he's trying to frustrate them." Knowing that still didn't stop her from giving him detentions, though.

Della Adara Vacker[]

  • Enemy

Della married Alden, and Alina clearly did not like that. As a result, she holds grudges against her.


She works with them.


  • Alina is the only Beguiler in the Council and mentioned in the entire Keeper of the Lost Cities: Series.
  • Alina's circlet gem is a peridot, a green gem. In Book 3: Everblaze she said she picked it becuase it was the color of life.
  • In Book 8: Legacy, when two councillors were helping each child in Team Valiant, Alina and Councillor Zarina helped Stina Destry Heks adjust to the role in Team Valiant. With being paired with Alina, Stina as Sophie thought, "looked none too pleased being partnered with her former principal."
  • Alina is very vain as she used to have many mirrors and reflective surfaces in her Foxfire office. In having an official council painting, Alina has none as she said, "None have captured my beauty properly."
  • The name Alina means "light" and/or "Independent; strong-willed" in Slavic.

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