Dame Alina (now Councillor Alina) was the former principal of Foxfire, who read announcements during orientation. She has porcelain skin, fragile features, and dark brown hair with caramel-colored highlights. She was chosen to replace Kenric after his death. She is a Beguiler. She went to Alden and Della Vacker's wedding and tried to convince Alden to marry her instead, but she ended up getting rejected. In Neverseen, Sophie thinks she might have hurt Prentice because he was unconscious.

From Principal to Councillor Edit

Dame Alina was the principal of Foxfire from Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities to midway through Book 3: Everblaze. After Councillor Kenric's death, she replaced him, leading Master Leto becoming principal and being called Magnate Leto. Councillor Alina is quick to show her opinion and be in charge and let everyone know it. She supported Sophie while she was the principal of Foxfire, but turned against Sophie with the ability restrictor. Currently, her feelings towards Sophie are similar to that of the majority of the Councillors.

Quotes Edit

"Foxfire is about more than just a top-notch education. It's about helping our youth find their place in this world. Discovering where they belong. And it is our goal that by the time they complete their studies, they're not only ready to handle whatever life throw at them--but to truly know who they are." -Dame Alina (278 Exile)

Relationships Edit

Alina has a crush on Alden, but Alden doesn't return her feelings. In fact, he is "slightly" terrified of her. She attempted to stop the wedding between him and Della, but did not succeed.

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