Conjuring is a special ability. This ability allows Conjurers to make objects appear as long as they know where it is. A Conjurer can also hide things in the void. A book that is associated with conjurers is The Elemental Guide to Conjuring and Translocation. 

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Conjuring Edit

Conjuring is a process which involves access of the void. In the void, there are tangles of "threads" that interconnect different things. According to Edaline, "Everything in the Universe is connected together. ... Tied together with threads of energy. The void is where all the threads converge." To conjure, a conjurer pulls on the thread to call forth an object of their choice.

Conjurers can also tie a "thread" onto someone who is not a Conjurer so that they can pull the object of out the void with a special word (this is shown in Neverseen, book 4). This could also be how Councillor Oralie appears to be a Conjurer when she pulls Kenric's cache from the void. They can also leave something stranded on a thread inside of the void.

When enhanced, Conjurers can snap away even larger objects at a faster pace, as seen in Lodestar when Sophie enhances Edaline to save them from the crumbling Lumenaria.

Known ConjurersEdit

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