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{{Infobox_Keepers_Characters|title = Coach Wilda|Gender = Female|Age = Unknown|eye = pale blue|hair = auburn|abilities = Unknown|job = Exillium Coach}}'''Coach Wilda''' is the [[exillium]] coach, who instructs the Left Hemisphere. She taught [[Biana Vacker|Biana]], [[Fitzroy Avery Vacker|Fitz]], and many other waywards. She has a raspy voice, and has a bob of auburn hair.
{{Infobox_Keepers_Characters|title = Coach Wilda|Gender = Female|Age = Adult|eye = Pale blue|hair = Auburn|abilities = Unknown|job = [[Exillium]] Coach|foxfire = Banished|home = [[The Neutral Territories]]}}'''Coach Wilda''' is the [[Exillium]] coach who instructs the [[Left Hemisphere]] (red). She taught [[Biana Vacker|Biana]], [[Fitzroy Avery Vacker|Fitz]] and many other [[Waywards]]. She has a raspy voice.
== Appearance ==
Coach Wilda has auburn hair in a sleek, angled bob and pale blue eyes that she often thickly lines with black eyeliner.
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Coach Wilda is the Exillium coach who instructs the Left Hemisphere (red). She taught Biana, Fitz and many other Waywards. She has a raspy voice.

Appearance Edit

Coach Wilda has auburn hair in a sleek, angled bob and pale blue eyes that she often thickly lines with black eyeliner.

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