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A circlet is a headpiece worn by Councillors and certain members of the nobility. They have a jewel of their choice set into the center. Regents’ circlets are based on the prime sources: sunlight, moonlight, and starlight.

Councillor Jewels Edit

Councillors can choose which jewel they would like in the center of their circlets.

Name Status Ability Jewel Color
Councillor Kenric Elgar Fathdon Deceased Telepathy Amber Amber
Councillor Emery Active Telepathy Sapphire Blue
Fintan Pyren Resigned and


Pyrokinetic Ruby Red
Councillor Alina Active Beguiler Peridot Green
Councillor Oralie Active Empath Tourmaline Warm Blue

and Pink

Councillor Darek Active Talentless Ruby Red
Fallon Vacker Resigned Unknown Unknown Blue
Councillor Terik Active Descryer Emerald Green

Ability Restrictor Edit

The ability restrictor was a circlet that Dex invented under the orders of the Council. They were intended to completely block Sophie’s abilities, though they could only partially block them out. The stone set in the middle was a tan color and was ugly to Sophie but pretty to Biana. It left a rash on Sophie’s head and she was forbidden from taking it off. It constantly gave her headaches.

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